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Since 1971 Experience and Professionalism at the service of Horticulture. We are a cooperative of growers based in Pescia in Tuscany, 50 km from Florence operating on an international and national level. Flora Toscana represents more than 115 growers who produce a wide range of cut flowers, flowers and pot plants. The plants are grown on a total growers' surface of more than 320 hectares, of which 70% cut flowers and 30% potted plants. We come from the merge, back in 2008,  of two cooperatives Toscoflora and GeoFlor Toscana, both with a long history in floriculture. Our 2 main core businesses are: – Production and sales of Cut Flowers and Pot Plants – Supply of Agricultural Technical Facilities The cooperative offers to its own members the following services: quality technical assistance, development of new projects, market analysis, packaging, optimising costs and a collaboration with the production and the market including storage and commercialisation of the finished product. The profits are reinvested in the development of the company’s activities and the members gain an advantage by utilising the aforementioned services. Flora Toscana is composed of over 250 members, which run the cooperative through a board of directors selected by the members every three years. The president and vice president preside take part operatively through the General Director. The aim is to offer to the members and clients of the cooperative the best opportunities on the market with a competitive prices.


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Flora Toscana Flora Toscana Soc. Agr. Coop. - Tutto per l'Agricoltura PESCIA, Via Montecarlo, 81, Pescia, Pistoia, Italy

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