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Gradina Urbana Concept

When you love your work and when you put passion into everything you do, the results do not stop appearing. Appreciation, gratitude, respect, praise, support, encouragement... are just some of the arguments that gave life to this project: Urban Garden Concept.

Smile, Let The Flowers Tell Their Story!

A Project Full of Life, with Personality With a friendly environment, but also with a lot of professionalism, which aims to be a reliable partner of all those for whom working with flowers is an art. A garden transposed into daily life, two people who put all their resources and emotions into what they love. The experience gained during the last years from a double position: that of florist but also that of the manager of a flower shop, is the one that motivates and guides us every day. Every florist is unique, feels, and lives through his creations. We are the ones who help you give the personal note you want to your creations. We do not like the unforeseen and for this reason, we have chosen to promote webshops, where the florist has total control over the price, quality, quantity but also access to a very wide variety of assortments of flowers, plants, and accessories. You will also find in our warehouse a wide range of flowers and specialties. We hug you and look forward to seeing you!


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Gradina Urbana Concept Gradina Urbană Concept SRL, Strada Doina 17-A, Bucharest, Sector 5, Roemania

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