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Granvia® Pink Flame

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About Granvia® Pink Flame

Flaming in Pink.

Granvia Pink

Granvia® Pink Flame (Impr.)

Granvia® Pink Flame pops some pink bubbles. These bubblegum-colored flowers are a true girl's dream. It invites you to cover every garden in these Alice in Wonderland blooms.

Granvia® Pink Is a Member of the Granvia® Series

The colors of the Granvia® series are not the only attributes that are lifely; Granvia® has a day and night routine, just like humans. She will only show her buds in the morning and as soon as she feels the sun on her leaves, her big flowers will open up. As the night falls, she’ll fall asleep again and her flowers close up.

Granvia® Pink Is Easy to Grow

The unique structure of the crispy paper-like petals of this strawflower will grab your attention straight away. Granvia® Pink is easy to grow, lasts long, and blooms early. Insider tip! The flowers can be harvested to use as perfectly dried flowers or fresh potpourri.

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MNP / Suntory

MNP / Suntory is widely acknowledged for introducing innovative, high-quality, and successful bedding plants into the European ornamental plant sector. This breeder has built one of the strongest portfolios in the ornamental plant industry with numerous successful brands that are among the world’s best-known plants.

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Every year, MNP / Suntory carefully selects and tests new discoveries before introducing them to the market. Furthermore, the company improves and enriches its existing brands with new shapes and colors to meet current consumer desires and new trends.

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