A Podcast and YouTube Channel for Small Business Owners

Flowerona launches new venture for the starting and seasoned professional in need of a little va-va-voom

By: THURSD. | 10-03-2021 | 3 min read

In place of her usual Floristry Industry Insights in the Flowerona community, Rona Wheeldon now reveals her very first podcast and its first guest. 'My Small Business & Me' is the name of the first Flowerona podcast, which will be launched Saturday, 13th March 2021. Rona is an inspiration for florists worldwide, and with her award-winning platform Flowerona, she makes it her mission to inspire and support the floristry industry. Her passion for this blooming sector and everyone involved is clear and contagious, while she's rooting for florists, flower growers, and flower wholesalers. A Podcast and YouTube Channel for Small Business Owners - Artwork-My-Small-Business-Me - on thursd

An Inspiring New Flower Podcast

Rona about the podcast:

"Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur looking for inspiration to start your very first business, or you’re a seasoned professional and feel that your small business is in need of a little va-va-voom. Then this podcast is for you."

A Podcast with Two Elements

The podcast has two elements – on the one hand, YOUR SMALL BUSINESS and on the other, YOU.

Your Small Business

Rona will be speaking to entrepreneurs who share insights into what it takes to run a successful, sustainable and profitable business. Plus there'll be plenty of interviews with industry experts in web design, branding, marketing, photography, social media, and coaching to help you maximize your potential and build your small business. A Podcast and YouTube Channel for Small Business Owners - Artwork-My-Small-Business-Me - on thursd - My-Small-Business-Me-Podcast-Website - flowerona on thursd


A one-on-one between Rona and specialists who can help you, both mentally and physically, is also on the podcast menu. This way you’ll gain an insight into how to prioritize your well-being while being in business.

Listen Or Watch

You’ll not only be able to listen to the podcast. But if you prefer, you can watch a video of the interview on the Flowerona YouTube channel. Simply click on the links below to listen to or watch the trailer. And it would so lovely if you’d like to subscribe.


Listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts or via Spotify.

Podcast Guests

The launch of the podcast is on Saturday, 13th March 2021. Rona kicks off with two interviews. Following this, a new episode will go live every Tuesday. As one of the first guests on the Flowerona Podcast Web Developer and WordPress Expert Kelly Sparkes is featured as her first guest.

A Podcast and YouTube Channel for Small Business Owners - kelly-sparkes-Web-Developer-WordPress-Expert - on thursd
Kelly Sparkes

About Kelly Sparkes

Kelly starts off by sharing her personal small business journey. And then she spends the majority of the interview sharing her hints and tips on how to create a website, which really brings you business. Whether you’re completely new to creating websites or you already have one, you’ll find lots of valuable advice. And towards the end of the episode, you’ll discover Kelly’s three practical tips that you can make to your website.

The countdown has begun

Rona Wheeldon about her new podcast:

"If you’d like to receive new episodes of the podcast featuring expert interviews plus hints & tips delivered to your inbox weekly, simply click here. So, I’m counting down the days now to be able to reveal both the interviews and my brand new website, which I’ve featured a little peek of below! And I can’t wait! This coming week will be all about putting the finishing touches to everything for the launch. Wish me luck!"



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