A Rose Is a Rose Is a Rose...

Avalanche+ roses are the stars in special table decorations and they sparkle in the garden.

By: THURSD. | 28-06-2020 | 3 min read
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The rose is probably the most famous flower. It symbolizes love, joy, happiness, and affection. We love to showcase them here. They are the stars in special table decorations and they sparkle in the garden. Thank you to Avalanche+ for the beautiful roses in pastel-colored shades.

Fleur Creatif Avalanche+ Inspiration

Screw the plastic bases onto the wooden board. Cover the screws with anchor tape to make the composition watertight. Prepare your plants. Remove most of the leaves from the Jasminium. Clean the tips of the sedum stems. Mount the Tillandsias stricta on wire and cover them with bindwire. Wet the foam and place it in the plastic bases.


 Insert the Avalanches, making sure you mix the colors. Put your plants in place starting with Tillandsia usneoides in order to cover up the moss. Arrange the remaining plants. To bring lightness to the composition, place the Jasminium in places forming an arch above the roses. Add the Vandas inserted into test tubes in advance

White Avalanche+ Eggs


Glue the dried Lotus leaves onto the half-sphere. Cut a circle-shaped piece in the center of the polystyrene (slightly offset). Cut the egg boxes using a serrated knife. Glue the egg boxes to the structure, then glue the elements together. Insert foam into your base and position the structure on top. Insert the roses.

Rose Avalanche+ Design by Céline Moureau on Thursd
Rose Avalanche+ designs by Céline Moureau

In order to be able to transport the composition, slide a piece of cardboard under the base and attach it to the structure.

Cradled by Beans


Cradled by beans Avalanche+ Fleur Creatif on Thursd 03
Rose Avalanche+ designs by Céline Moureau

Cover the bottom with a cellophane to ensure it is watertight. Put the floral foam in place. Cut out a rounded shape from the cardboard. Place this between the foam and the edge of the base to make a “false bottom”. Place the beans width-wise onto the false bottom and secure them with one locked into the other. Insert the roses.




Make a box with the board and wooden slats. Place the table deco maxi foams inside the box. Thread the saber beans onto two long stub wires about 10 cm apart. Spread the beans to put the roses in between. Finish off with hydrangea.

Peach-Colored Rose Wreath



First, divide the roses over the moistened wreath. Then fill up the arrangement with rolled-up galax leaf and moss. The seed heads will bind all the materials together.


Rose design by Ann Desmet on Thursd
Design by Ann Desmet

Add some color with yellow hypericum berries and soft yellow Limonium that are first put on the fine iron wire.

About Roses and Shells


About roses and shells Avalanche+ Fleur Creatif on Thursd
Design by Ann Desmet

Paint the shells with glass paint in the color of the roses. Glue the shells onto the outside of both containers with hot glue. Fill the shapes with floral foam. Arrange the roses in different color nuances. Finish with the hydrangea that has been wired first. The narrow rectangular shape is completely filled with green carnations.

Romantic Wall Decoration


Romantic Wall Decoration Avalanche+ on Thursd
Design by Ann Desmet

After immersing in the floral foam, you create the lines of your arrangement with pieces of plane tree bark and connect them with natural rope. First, arrange the roses over the floral foam and then the tendrils of the green amaranthus. Finally, fill up the arrangement with white astrantia, white thistle, and Dianthus Green Trick. Finish with hedera helix.

Garden Basket Full of Radiant Roses



Place pots of ivy along the edge of the large basket. Then insert a smaller basket in the middle of the large basket and fill it with floral foam. First, you arrange the roses over the moistened floral foam. Try to get a dome shape. Add some volume to that shape with some salmon-colored matthiola. Then add some green carnations and moss. Weave some ivy between the flowers so it looks like there is a connection between the flowers and the plants.


A rose is a rose Avalanche+ by Ann Desmet on Thursd
Design by Ann Desmet



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