What About the Red Edge on the Avalanche Roses?

Where do the red specks on the edges of the rose petals come from? And is it a good sign?

By: THURSD. | 07-07-2022 | 3 min read

You have definitely sometimes spotted the red edges on the white Avalanche+ roses. It's nothing strange, it's a common feature of these roses. And, you see it with all growers. And most in the wintertime. Where does this red edge come from, why is it in the outer part of some petals of the Avalanche+ roses? And, is it a bad thing?

Red Edge on the Avalanche+ Roses

Many growers feel that they better not have this red edge on the Avalanche roses, but when talking to floral designers, many of them don't mind it at all, and actually, in some designs, it enhances the design. Look at the picture below, here some red edges would be a perfect fit for the other flowers in the floral arrangement.


Red edges on Avalanche roses - on Thursd
Having red edges on the Avalanches+ in this design from Jane Packer would have only been an addition to the design.

The Red Edges Are Not Always Wanted

In the purest white of roses, a reddish speck on the edges of some flower petals is not always wanted. Some florists do not mind at all, but most tell us they prefer to receive their Avalanches without the red specks. Mainly because the Avalanche roses are some of the purest white roses available, and are specifically chosen for this purity.


The Red Edges Are a Sign of Happy Roses

Avalanche roses are being cultivated in nurseries in the Netherlands. In wintertime with cooler nights and less natural daylight, the roses grow differently than in the summertime. It's also a bit cooler at night in the greenhouses in the wintertime. Cooler nights mean that the roses can better 'rest' at night. And. when having a better resting time during the night, the roses are happier while growing. They show more signs of their happiness. Most rose varieties, and Avalanche roses as well like to have warmer days and cooler nights. Just like when growing in nature.


Red edges on white Avalanche roses


The red specks actually tell you that the flowers are very happy in the place they grow! So, for the grower, it's not a bad sign. Although most growers of the Avalanche roses say it's something they try to avoid because 'the markets' say they rather have them without, it's a good sign, the roses are feeling great!


Red edges on Avalanche+- on Thursd - Feauturecd


A steady growth and resting cycle under the best conditions will give you the best quality roses. That is what a grower tries to mimic; the best conditions. When in winter the resting at night of the rose is a bit deeper, the rose gets more rest. Then when morning comes and the rose wakes up and starts to grow, activity in the vascular system of the rose happens which makes the pressure get higher. This colors some of the edges of the petals a bit red.


Red edges on Avalanche+- on Thursd - 04


Say It to Your Customers

So when you do see a red edge on some Avalanche roses, you know you have very content and happy roses in your hands. Maybe this is something to consider to tell to your customers. And then maybe more people will ask for it, and the red edges on Avalanche roses are viewed in a different way.


Red edges on Avalanche+- on Thursd - 03


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