A Snow Storm for X-mas

An X-mas tree design with Snowstorm+ roses by Nicu Bocancea from Romania

By: THURSD. | 09-12-2020 | 2 min read
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In one of the busiest times of the year, this amazing floral designer from Floraria Iris in Bucharest in Romania still found some time to create an impressive Christmas design.

Rose Snowstorm+

There are a lot of reasons why Dümmen Orange is so proud of this new Snowstorm+ rose. Without being too modest, they nickname it 'The Power Rose'. The large-scale introduction is planned for the third week of 2021. Nicu Bocancea already laid his hands on these roses to create a design that fits perfectly in this season. An X-mas tree, filled with over 200 Snowstorm+ roses. Nicu Bocancea on Thursd. - Snowstorm roses - Close

Nicu Bocancea

Nicu Bocancea made fame lately with his 50-day manifest. For the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the flower shop, that his parents started, and to give credit to them, Nicu and his team used floral arrangements to draw attention to serious irregularities in the public space. They launched a Manifest for Beauty and Normalcy on the streets of Bucharest. You can read more about it in these three articles: Manifest by Nicu Bocancea for Normalcy and Beauty, Manifest for Normalcy and Beauty Has Gone Viral – Part 2, and Manifest for Normalcy and Beauty Has Gone Viral – Part 3.

X-mas Tree Design with Snowstorm+ Roses

Nicu selected an abandoned apartment complex to create this design. (Don't forget to watch the video of the making at the end of this article). With a wooden frame in the shape of a Christmas tree, Nicu first powdered the tree with artificial snow. Then he added the Snowstorm+ roses.

Watch the Video

The rose Snowstorm+ is a real florist rose, so with a big head and longer stems than your average rose from Africa. Snowstorm+ has almost no thorns. This makes it so much easier to work with. In the video below you can watch what it took Nicu and his team to create this design. Enjoy. And don't forget to share this article.



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