What's Your Favorite Tacazzi+?

All Tacazzi+ varieties and their growers

By: THURSD. | 28-04-2021 | 2 min read

Since the launch of rose Tacazzi+ in 2015 several mutants have made it to become a full member of the Tacazzi+ family. So, what does the whole family look like these days, with the arrival of the latest variety Red Tacazzi+? Let's find out.

It started With Cerise

Technically, it is very difficult to breed from dark to light. This means that a cerise rose like Tacazzi+ will almost certainly not get a white or yellow sibling in the course of time. But, as nature is sometimes unpredictable, you'll never know...

All Tacazzi+ varieties and their growers Photo by florissmoirana
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After breeder Dümmen Orange successfully set out the original Tacazzi+ to growers in Kenya and Ethiopia, the search begins for variations in its colors. There are two ways to get another color; through product development with the breeder, or by mere luck with the grower. Luck means that in a whole greenhouse one single flower decides to NOT become the planned color. This is called a 'mutant'. With Red Tacazzi+, for instance, grower Holla Roses noticed the red mutant amongst his Pink Tacazzi+ roses. He brought the mutant to the breeder, who carefully (there is only one stem of it yet!) starts to see if this mutant can be replicated and multiplied, or if it goes back to its original color, undoing its mutation. Can you imagine the thrill of this discovery process?

Meet the Tacazzi+ Family

So, here are the five Tacazzi+ roses that are still offered by Dümmen Orange.

Rose Tacazzi+

Some of the nurseries that grow the cerise-colored Rose Tacazzi+ are Holla Roses, Lobelia, Ol-Njorowa, Herburg Roses, and Timaflor.

Rose Pink Tacazzi+

Some of the nurseries that grow the pink-colored Rose Pink Tacazzi+ are Holla Roses, Mount Kenya Flowers, Rift Valley Roses, Ol-Njorowa, and Lolomarik.

Rose Peach Tacazzi+

Rose Peach Tacazzi+ is currently grown by Ol-Njorowa.

Rose Sweet Tacazzi+

Some of the nurseries that grow Rose Sweet Tacazzi+ are Holla Roses, Lobelia, Ol-Njorowa, and Timaflor.

Rose Red Tacazzi+

Rose Red Tacazzi+ is currently grown by are Holla Roses. Note: Two varieties - Light Pink Tacazzi+ and Pearl Tacazzi+ - are no longer actively marketed by Dümmen Orange, although some growers still have these in their nurseries.



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