6 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Artificial Flowers

Though high-quality artificial flowers look almost like real flowers, many elements part of them fall short to the real thing.

By: THURSD. | 13-09-2023 | 11 min read
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Artificial flowers

We live in a very innovative society, where there is an alternative for any product. Though such options may be close to the desired quality; authenticity, and physical touch deviates from the natural product; a great example is using artificial flowers in floral arrangement and design. The choice between artificial flowers and real, natural, or live flowers is a crucial decision, immensely impacting your arrangements' outcome. In the broadest sense.

Flowers evoke emotions, even as you experience them they stimulate different emotions within you. Though high-quality artificial flowers look almost like real flowers, the sentimental element part of it comes short, you cannot feel the connection when you touch them. The connection and the feeling one gets when handling real flowers are unmatched to dealing with artificial flowers.

Artificial Flowers

There are diverse reasons why people prefer to use plastic flowers, instead of real flowers. Allergies related to pollen and different scents associated with real flowers, avoiding the seasonality limitation of real flowers, low-maintenance needs of artificial flowers, and durability are some of the compelling reasons why some florists and floral enthusiasts use artificial flowers. Undoubtedly, artificial flowers can last longer than real flowers and are also cost-friendly compared to getting a well-customized bouquet of natural flowers.

The above-mentioned reasons why people use artificial flowers, might portray silk flowers as the ideal option, but are they a befitting choice though? Being cognizant of the processes that go into manufacturing these flowers vis a vis the production of real flowers, which one do you think deserves more appreciation?

The passion and processes that go into the creation (breeding and selecting) and eventual production of real flowers cannot compare to artificial flowers; going with real flowers any day is an obvious and the right choice.


Artificial flowers
Artificial Flowers by @Daria


Let's delve into why you should always make real flowers your first priority for different floral needs, against silk and other artificial flowers. To love at first sight, to forge authentic connections, and to experience the effortless sentiments of real flowers.


Artificial flowers


Real Flowers Have Beauty and Sensory Experience

The beauty, elegance, and sentimentality of real flowers are unparalleled; artificial flowers do not come close to replicating such authenticity regardless of their quality. The defoliation, and plucking of thorns to the desired level get you into your creative zone, compelling you to plug into the vibe every flower exudes.


Real flowers, real roses
Picture by @Deruiter East Africa


For instance, take a bunch of red velvety roses, like Ever Red when you first encounter the rose in its thorny, leafy state. The unboxing, the smelling of the foliage, feeling the thorns, cutting off the stems, and placing your bunches on the water is the ultimate connection of real flowers. Every flower bears a sentiment and meaning and with the power to stimulate your mood positively. Such experiences cannot be achieved with artificial flowers, making them undesirable choices for floral arrangement and design.

1) There's no True Experience With Artificial Flowers

On the contrary, artificial flowers lack the feel and look of real flowers, their thorns, or foliage, mimic the actual flowers but look or feel nothing like the actual thorns or leaves of a living flower. The vibrant colors, texture, and undeniable fragrances of real flowers invoke a sensory experience, leading to the activation of your senses and emotions.


Artificial flowers
Picture by @Stokking from Freepik


Real Flowers Comes with a Wide Array of Varieties and Seasonality

The most undesirable thing about artificial flowers is that you can get a rose, lily, tulip, or chrysanthemum of your color choice but the connection, the preference of certain flower names or brands is lacking in this case. When it comes to real flowers, whether red, white, yellow, or orange roses from different breeders around the world; the amount of effort, time, and resources that went into such creations justifies the magnificent colors and the connection we can easily get from real flowers.


No to artificial flowers
Picture by @Maggie


From the breeding standpoint; right from the identification of suitable parents, cross-pollination, harvesting of seeds, germination, and seedling selection to rigorous testing ranging from; shelf life testing, transportability, and blooming shape and color of the flower. The creation of extraordinary takes extra effort, passion, and continuous innovation, it is the true essence of real flowers' value and more reasons why you ought to appreciate the different varieties available today for every type of flower.

Right from growing seedlings, waiting for 7 weeks for blooms, harvesting at the right cut stage and stem length, packaging, and eventual delivery to the end consumer; the intricacies of the flower growing and production, make the end result fulfilling. Nothing beats the moment, that very moment when you hold and smell real roses; it affirms all the efforts and investment that went into the growing and their production.

2) There Is no Seasonality With Artificial Flowers

Artificial flowers can easily be produced or manufactured with a quicker setting, design, or calibration but natural flowers have a specific and demanding process. Every real flower starts with the art of breeding, where intense testing and research are done to select and introduce a strong variety into the market, capable of thriving in different altitudes and markets. Once designed, an artificial flower is a factory product and there is no technical approach to it, passion, or immense effort to its existence. Unlike real flowers, artificial flowers lack seasonality, and though high-quality plastic flowers might look like actual flowers, they are nothing close because they evoke zero connection nor do they radiate any sort of energy because there is no life in them.

Real Flowers Brings Good Feng Shui

Real flowers stimulate sensory experience, from every touch, feeling the foliage, cutting the stems, placing them on water, and watching them bloom on the vase; this right here is the desired Feng Shui connection and good for the energy flow. Tending to flowers can bring harmony and balance, ensuring they have enough water, isolating wilted stems, and replacing your vase with fresh flowers on a daily or weekly basis enhances the flow of the right kind of energy within your spaces.


Real flowers
Picture by @Sinta


The symbolism of real flowers is crucial in Feng Shui, for instance, Peonies are considered flowers of prosperity and fortune, while Orchids, are refined and nobility. With real flowers, you can be sure to create an environment that is well-balanced, harmonized, and one that feeds you positive energy.

3) Artificial Flowers Bring Bad Feng Shui

Artificial flowers stagnate and block the flow of energy (Qi), according to Feng Shui principles. Plastic flowers are considered stagnant and lifeless since they do not grow further, nor bloom and wither away as real flowers do. Lack of life and maintenance and care alters the connection between humans and artificial flowers, which is a misfit to the Feng Shui energy flow.

Real Flowers Have the Desired Quality, Lifespan and Seasonality

Real flowers are delicate and vulnerable to ever-changing climatic conditions and these factors dictate their shelf life and survival. While some might see this as limiting in terms of lifespan, wrong because this is the joy and fulfillment that comes with actual flowers. The reality of flowers is that they will bloom and wrap you with immense sentiments, only if you take care of them because they are living things too.


Real flowers
Picture by @Tulips in Holland


Real flowers come in different quality segments, depending on your budget, You can get flowers from the average to the premium segment, giving you the opportunity to experience the magical touch of actual flowers on different levels. Whether it is the Autumn Chrysanthemum Spring Tulips or everyday rose; real flowers alternate in seasons making their experience worthwhile because of the wait.

4) Artificial Flowers Lack Desired Quality and Seasonality

However, artificial flowers on the contrary might look convincing especially the high-quality and pricey ones but upon a closer look, they always fall short in terms of realism, quality, and the details real flowers bear. The color and opening style of real flowers are a testament to the mastery of flower breeding and its delicate impermanence adds to their elegance. Artificial flowers do not fade or wilt nor even bloom fully, denying you the opportunity to watch flowers bloom on the vase. The joy of watching or experiencing your flowers bloom on the vase and eventually, wilt is unmatched.

Respect Toward Traditional Art and Craftmanship

Floristry or floral arrangement is an old tradition that dates back to ancient Egyptians, where they are believed to have used flowers arranged on vases and crafted to create desirable arrangements. Given that floristry is an art deeply rooted in traditions and craftsmanship, designers take pride in their ability and know-how to manipulate real flowers to showcase their creativity and skillset.

The artistry of floral design lies in the intricacies of nature and its connection thereof. Real flowers have the power to forge such a connection and inspire each one uniquely with a wide array of blooms; something that artificial flowers cannot achieve.



Floral designer Lucinda Maria at work
Lucinda Maria creating bridal flowers.

5) Limited Creative Possibillities With Artificial Flowers

Due to their rigid nature, artificial flowers are limiting, to say the least, As a floral designer you cannot effortlessly manipulate silk flowers to fit your design. It is hard to create a bond with artificial flowers, from which all creativity flows from. The passion and enthusiasm for craftsmanship with artificial flowers are non-existent, the reason why real flowers win when it comes to craftsmanship and pushing the limits for floral designers.

Environmental Sustainability

The proactive preservation of our natural resources to enhance our well-being and that of the future generation is what environmental sustainability stands for. Sustainability is a collective effort and no one ought to be more responsible than the other, but as a floral designer, ask yourself the question; Does my business and materials of use respect the environment and contribute to carbon print reduction?


Kisima flowers natural wetland
Kisima flowers natural wetlands on their farm


Twentieth-century Indian spiritual teacher, writer, and public speaker Anthony de Mello said: "Whatever is truly alive must die, look at the flowers; only plastic flowers never die and anything that does not die eventually becomes harmful to our environment."


6) Artificial Flowers Aren't Biodegradable

Artificial flowers on the other hand are made from non-biodegradable products; these are no doubt not friendly to the environment in the long run. Through different sustainability certification compliance to access different markets around the world, flower growers have been compelled to pay close attention to their environment and their production processes. For example, MPS-ABC sustainability certification is a must-have for every flower grower in Africa and other parts of the world, earned through chemical usage audits, collection of data, auditing, and subsequent certification.


Artificial flowers
Pictures by @Tommy


Would you rather purchase your flowers from a sustainable source or one that outrightly disregards the sustainability efforts made by others within the floral supply chain? It is our conviction that we all have a responsibility, from the products we use to the flowers we incorporate in our floral arrangements.

The use of real flowers undoubtedly contributes to carbon footprint reduction and respects the planet we live in. You can even take it a notch higher by also identifying environmentally friendly products for your floristry business to complement your flowers, such products can also be the plastic-free blocks among other wide array of sustainable products available in the market today.

Flowers Are Good For You

The pleasant smell, stunning colors, texture, and greenery of foliage and their natural elegance; trigger a feel-good moment in every encounter. Their calming and soothing effect enhances feelings of happiness, positive energy, and subsequent improvement in your productivity levels; Flowers are good for you!


Real flowers
Picture by @Baraka Roses


Customize your own flower feeling, with well-bred, authentic, quality, and sustainable real flowers from different breeders and growers around the globe. With immense symbolism wrapped around every type and color of a flower; social connections are a possibility. Become real, express your sentiments, and stimulate that flower feeling not only for you but for those you care about because flowers are good for you!

Make the Right Choice, Real Flowers It Is!

The choice between real and artificial flowers goes beyond mere aesthetics. Natural flowers offer authenticity, sustainability, variety, quality, and an opportunity to honor the timeless art of breeding. Disregarding artificial flowers and embracing actual ones in floral design, leads to the creation of floral arrangements which captivate the senses and contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious world.

Flowers are good for you, thorny, leafy, with big bud sizes, or lengthy stems. Their authentic self is what makes the actual flowers special, It is always love at first sight when you get to experience real flowers, it sparks a connection, enhancing the good moods and positive energy.

In today's society, sustainability is a major concern and with each passing day, every action counts. Opting for real flowers instead of artificial counterparts is not a controversial debate but a responsible commitment to the well-being of the planet

Header Image by @Nick Fewings Unsplash Featured Image by @Stokking from Freepik.



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