De Ruiter’s Exquisite Rose Café Latte Will Quench Your Thirst

This rose has an exquisite beauty, elegant grace and a sweet vanilla scent.

By: THURSD. | 14-02-2024 | 5 min read
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De Ruiter’s Exquisite Rose Café Latte

How would you fancy a rose named after your favorite order at Starbucks? Well, absolutely no problem with that! Meet Rose Café Latte, a very exceptional rose with a unique ethereal color, and that opens fully with a sweet vanilla scent. This rose is bred by De Ruiter, a renowned breeder who is also an exquisite creator of equally gorgeous roses. 

Among the breeder’s impressive collection of roses, Rose Café Latte easily charms its way into people’s hearts with its ideal qualities. It essentially defines the epitome of beauty with its remarkable color, delightful fragrance, and charming look. These make it one of those roses widely sought by florists and flower enthusiasts worldwide. Furthermore, it is one of the roses that fit perfectly into your Scorched Earth palette, one of the recent Floral Trend Colors of the year.

Ever Winning People's Hearts All Over the World

Introduced by De Ruiter Innovations in 2005, Rose Café Latte quickly became a sensation within the floral industry; emerging as a rose bred for its unmatched exquisiteness, beauty, and fragrance.


​De Ruiter’s Exquisite Rose Café Latte
Rose Café Latte bred by De Ruiter.
Photo by @ramierz_wholesale


The rose was, initially, not easily accessible, but with the rise of rose farming in Kenya and increased demand from florists, Rose Café Latte soon became more readily available, with the newfound accessibility allowing for florists and floral designers to acquire and use it in their floral designs, arrangements, and compositions.

The rose was initially exclusively grown at the Tambuzi flower farm in Kenya - which was one of the first farms globally to grow it as a commercial variety - for many years. It, today, is also grown at Uhuru Flowers in Kenya, Alexandra Farms in Colombia, Flores Verde in Ecuador, and El Milagro in Colombia. Its exclusive importer for the US market is Mayesh Wholesale Inc


​De Ruiter’s Exquisite Rose Café Latte
Rose Café Latte.
Photo by @tambuziroses


A True Beauty of a Rose Both Inside and Outside

Rose Café Latte boasts so many unique and distinctive qualities that anyone would find appealing. The rose has a truly exceptional appearance that sets it apart from other similar varieties, and its peers. 

For starters, it has light copper-bronze exterior petals with slightly pinkish undertones. These petals enwrap the delicate brown-violet-colored part in its center. Not only is the rose a favorite of many people due to its warm, trendy color and fluffy shape, but also for its lovely vanilla fragrance. 


De Ruiter’s Exquisite Rose Café Latte
De Ruiter’s Exquisite Rose Café Latte.
Photo by @vip_roses


Plus, the pretty ruffled petals and blooms of the rose open slowly and hold well for about 5-7 days, while releasing a delightful aroma that you will keep sniffing. These flowers are also large and deeply cupped, with the contrasting colors giving an overall attractive effect. 

Notably, though, Rose Café Latte is most renowned for its unusual vintage antique petals with strong waves. And like most hybrid tea roses, Rose Cafe Latte often - in most cases - has high-centered blooms. All these qualities add a touch of elegance to the rose’s general allure. 


​De Ruiter’s Exquisite Rose Café Latte
Rose Cafe Latte stands out among other roses and flowers in this floral composition.
Photo by @alexandrafarms


The colors of the rose haven’t been spoken enough about! For, one cannot help but be fascinated by the spectacular play of colors that Rose Café Latte brings to life. These roses first exhibit a bright copper hue as they begin to open, subtly tinged with orange. As they mature, their color gradually transitions to lighter tones, conjuring the shades of a delicious latte.

Light yellow spots delicately adorn the inner petals close to the stem as though to add a touch of delicacy and charm to the set. This remarkable transformation of colors throughout the blooming process is one attribute that makes Rose Café Latte a true spectacle to behold.


​De Ruiter’s Exquisite Rose Café Latte
A bunch of cut Rose Café Latte roses.
Photo by @octobermist__


For the scent, well, let's just say not many roses’ fragrances rival it. The rose exudes a delightful and distinctive fragrance that complements its name perfectly. With strong vanilla notes and a warm, sensuous background, the scent calls to mind the cozy ambiance of a warm coffee shop. In essence, the scent of Rose Café Latte just heightens the sensory experience.

Versatility and Enduring Elegance

Rose Café Latte has become a popular choice for different occasions, particularly weddings. We can all agree that this beauty of a rose is a favorite for nuptials. However, we can, still, all come to the agreement that Rose Café Latte looks great in all types of floral arrangements; whether in a mono bouquet, as standalone blooms, or incorporated into a larger design.


​De Ruiter’s Exquisite Rose Café Latte
A floral arrangement prominently featuring Rose Café Latte.
Photo by @vowscreative


The roses’ striking colors and elaborate petal formations make them excellent for bridal bouquets, centerpieces, and various other floral compositions where they still radiate an aura of elegance and stylish sophistication. Furthermore, the fact that these roses have an impressive vase life of five to seven days, ensures their beauty can be appreciated for an extended period.

All said and done, this rose is, without a doubt the definition of a rare gem that has bit by bit risen to its current status as a much-loved choice among florists and floral designers worldwide.


​De Ruiter’s Exquisite Rose Café Latte
A bridal bouquet featuring Rose Café Latte.
Photo by @trillefloral



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