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By: THURSD. | 25-03-2022 | 3 min read
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Take a look outside. No, don't just look, go outside. Watch nature come to life, smell a million fragrances in your garden. Look around, is there something missing? Then you'll probably need a fair dose of petunias to instantly and endlessly cheer up your outdoors. Did you know that the perfect solution is here with the high-quality Petunia Tea series? Let's see how you can effortlessly become the happiest gardener in the world.

What Do We Know About Petunias?

First, a little petunia basics. We know petunias already for almost two centuries. To be exact, in 2023, petunia celebrates its 200 year anniversary in Europe. In 1823 the first plants were brought from South America to England. Although the indigenous name 'petun' suggests that this is a tobacco plant and they are closely related to the nicotiana, it is not wise to smoke the leaves. Besides, why would you? The petunia is here to be enjoyed and admired for its colorful appearance. This is exactly the reason why this seasonal plant quickly grew in popularity across Europe and the entire globe. The people from leading breeder Beekenkamp -leading not only in petunias, but also in many other flowers-, have expanded their reputation through constant improvement, resilience, and new varieties and colors.


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Beekenkamp Petunia Tea - on Thursd


Why the Petunia Tea Series?

What a funny name, isn't it. Petunia Tea? One you won't forget from now on for sure! There are many reasons why this name was picked. First of course because a classical English garden is a perfect spot for a little tea party. And next to that because, like tea, the variety of flavors - and colors, stripes, and dots - is endless.

The name is there just to be noticed, but it's the quality of this series that matters most. Petunia Tea series is the absolute top in Petunias. Perfect to cultivate for the growers, and the best petunias available to use for gardeners. Petunia Tea Series are very strong, disease, and weather-resistant, and flowering from spring until September. The pots are literally filled with blooms.

The Petunia Tea Series are the ones you want to be looking for when you need to add some color. To your garden, patio, balcony, pergola, fence, and every other place around the house you like to lift up.

Testing and Showing

The creator of this series is breeder Beekenkamp. They have their own testing facilities, functioning at the same time as a show garden. By constant monitoring, the people of Beekenkamp have become masters in developing only the best petunias.

Check below this test of Petunia Tea White. The pictures show the blooming from week 24 (first image) to week 33. Amazing, isn't it?


Petunia Tea White

Testing Petunia White in Beekenkamp's show garden (test conducted in the summer of 2020).


Petunia Tea Variety Ideas

Let's see what's available in the Petunia Tea series. You can always mix & match to make your garden organized or wild. Here are five colorful varieties in random order.


1. Petunia Tea Tiramisu

Beekenkamp Petunia Tea Tiramisu on Thursd

Petunia Tea Tiramisu


2. Petunia Tea Violet Bicolor

Beekenkamp Petunia Tea Violet Bicolor on Thursd

Petunia Tea Violet Bicolor


3. Petunia Tea Red

Beekenkamp Petunia Tea Red on Thursd

Petunia Tea Red


4. Petunia Tea White

Beekenkamp Petunia Tea White on Thursd

Petunia Tea White


5. Petunia Tea Flamingo

Beekenkamp Petunia Tea Flamingo on Thursd

Petunia Tea Flamingo


Mix It Up

A great way to enjoy your Petunia Tea varieties is assembled in a big mixed pot, a standing or hanging basket, or simply put many small pots together. Add other plants for some variation. The more the merrier. You'll see the effect will be amazing. Here are a few ideas.


Beekenkamp Petunia Tea Mixed Pot on Thursd


Beekenkamp Petunia Tea Mixed Hanging Basket on Thursd


Beekenkamp Petunia Tea Mixed Basket on Thursd


More Tea?

Can't get enough of these gorgeous plants. There is so much more. Just a few examples:


From the left: Petunia Blue and Petunia Purple White Edge.


From the left: Petunia Pink and Petunia Magenta Vein.


From the left: Petunia Purple Green Edge and Petunia Yellow.


Check the full Petunia Tea assortment at Beekenkamp, and be sure to check again next year, because the assortment is ever-expanding.


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