Cymbidium - The Must-Have for Mother’s Day

Learn how to make a stunning bouquet for mum with this striking orchid as the main flower.

By: THURSD. | 09-05-2023 | 4 min read
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Students of the Yuverta MBO green education course followed Joseph Massie's Cymbidium tutorial last month. With the inspiration and tips gained, the students set to work by making their signature bouquet for Mother's Day.

An extra challenge for the students: the bouquet must also fit within the business concept of your future store. These are the designs by six Yuverta students and their personal comments on their creations.

Getting Started With Cymbidium as a Bouquet Flower

The Cymbidium is known for its long, strong stems and numerous exotic heads that exude luxury and elegance, but it is surprisingly versatile and suitable for more commercial applications than you might think.

Available in two sizes - large and mini - it offers fantastic value for money thanks to her vigor, size, and most importantly vase life, lasting two to three weeks without the need for flower food.


Joseph Massie cymbidium quote


Student Design 1 - Cymbidiums Are Flowers With a Message

Nancy van der Zalm:

"As a Dutch florist, I looked at how Joseph Massie works and adapted my flower arrangements to my personal style. This is characterized by a vintage look with a colorful touch.

The Cymbidium stands out well in this bouquet, with the symbolism of the Cymbidium standing for valued and respectful friendship, an honor to receive this flower as a gift and therefore super fun as a Mother's Day gift!"


Cymbidium Mother's Day
Design by Nancy van der Zalm


More from Nancy @nancyvdzalm_flowers.

Student Design 2 - A Big Cymbidium Bouquet for a Big Impression

Julia Cornelissen:

"I was inspired by Joseph Massie and the exuberance of his bouquet. My style of making a bouquet is exuberant and colorful. These styles come together beautifully in this bouquet.

The beautiful and colorful Cymbidium suits a special day like Mother's Day. A special bouquet for a special mother."


Mother's Day Cuymbidium
Design by Julia Cornelissen

More from Julia Cornelissen @flowersbyjuul.

Student Design 3 - Country Look for Mother's Day

Lara Peperkamp:

"I was inspired by the sizes of Joseph Massie's work. Therefore, also my spring arrangement is tall and placed in a neutral pot with Cymbidiums and outdoor materials. The Cymbidiums come into their own here.

This flower arrangement can be placed in a country store with regional products because of its natural appearance. This fits my business concept, which has a rural appearance."


Yuverta Cymbidium Mother's Day
Design by Lara Peperkamp

More from Lara Peperkamp @la.bloemspeciaalzaak.

Student Design 4 - Cymbidiums for Tough Moms

Janine van der Perk:

"Joseph Massie's binding method has inspired me. I have linked his way of binding and the colors of the flowers to my own style which has a soft appearance. The soft tones of the background form a whole with the flower arrangements and show who I want to be as a florist.

The relationship with Mother's Day is that it contains many 'motherly' colors such as pink and white. The color blue fits in with this because we not only have sweet moms but also tough moms."


Mother's Day Flowers
Design by Janine van der Perk

More from Janine van der Perk @janine_vd_perk_03.

Student Design 5 - Mother's Day Cymbidium Bouquet With a Chic Touch

Fleur van der Zwaluw:

"Joseph Massie has inspired me to process materials differently in line with Dutch trends. By using the different colors of Cymbidiums in combination with other flowers and materials, this bouquet has a vintage look with golden details.

This fits my business concept because of the original look with a chic touch. Durable, colorful, and with a touch of gold."


Cymbidium Bouquet Mother's Day
Design by Fleur van der Zwaluw

More from Fleur van der Zwaluw @fleurigefleurs.

Student Design 6 - Being Open to Other Cultures

Sevde Özdemir:

"I was inspired by Joseph Massie's one-sided bouquet, but I chose to make my bouquet in pink and white because of the contrast.

The presentation in the frame fits within my business concept, which focuses on other cultures and events where soft colors and materials come into their own."


Cymbidium Mother's Day Cymbidium
Design by Sevde Özdemir


Masterful Mother's Day Bouquet Tutorial by Joseph Massie

Joseph Massie says about this flower:

"Cymbidium is a tenacious flower that you can use in many different settings for excellent results"

In his 20-minute tutorial, Joseph shows four strikingly different design ideas with Cymbidium, all using the principles and techniques that form the basis of his coveted style:



Here they are summarized in three chapters but don't miss the full video tutorial to learn all the tricks of the trade. In this special - completely free - online tutorial, fellow florists can enjoy unique, unparalleled access to Joseph's tips and techniques with a spotlight on one extraordinary flower: the Cymbidium:


To find out more about the wealth of ways to work with cymbidium, as well as free promotional tools and advice, visit



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