Danziger Celebrates 70 Years of Spreading Floral Delight Across the World

"Together, let us continue to cultivate beauty and spread joy, honoring our nature and sharing our legacy to imagine more (flowers)."

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​Danziger Celebrates 70 Years of Spreading Floral Delight

Danziger, one of the world's most innovative floriculture companies, is commemorating 70 years of floral success, on an occasion that marks the company's remarkable journey from a modest family business to a leading player in the international breeding flower industry. 

Spanning over 63 countries and touching the lives of millions, the company was founded in 1953 by the imaginative couple, Ernest and Zehava Danziger, and has its roots entrenched in a story of love, determination, and the unrelenting pursuit of dreams. 

A Small Family Enterprise That Evolved Into a Global Floral Force

What began as a small family flower enterprise has seen Danziger evolve into a global floral powerhouse, renowned and celebrated across the world for its diverse portfolio of unique flower varieties and cutting-edge propagation facilities across Israel, Kenya, Guatemala, and Colombia. This makes it one of the world’s most inventive (and imaginative) floriculture companies today. 


​Danziger Celebrates 70 Years of Spreading Floral Delight
Greenhouses at one of Danziger's breeding facilities.


The breeding company is engaged in the research, breeding, development, propagation, production, sale, and marketing of varieties of cut flowers, annuals, and perennials.

In its efforts at creating and delivering extraordinary flower varieties and beautiful assortments that help customers along the entire value chain achieve amazing success, Danziger supplies elite quality vegetative material to about 1,000 customers in over sixty countries. The breeder manages hundreds of varieties through collaborative partnerships with growers and continuously explores new ways to capture the market’s imagination while staying true to its roots as a family business with more than 3000 employees worldwide.


​Danziger Celebrates 70 Years of Spreading Floral Delight
Part of Danziger's Imagine More Flowers! family.


Danziger’s Spring Festival Marks Its 70th Year Celebration

To mark its 70th celebration, Danziger’s Spring Festival, held across seven countries and five continents, is a global gala bringing together the entire Danziger family, in song and dance to commemorate its continuously growing success.

According to the company, in reflecting on its past seven decades of existence, it recognizes that its success is not only measured in numbers but also in the diversity of people and cultures it has touched; a demonstration of its dedication to fostering a culture of teamwork, collaboration, and sustainable partnerships. That is why, from every corner of the world, the Danziger global family came together to celebrate and spread the joy and beauty of floral imaginativeness.


​Danziger Celebrates 70 Years of Spreading Floral Delight
The Craspedia Paintball Pop one of Danziger's unique floral creations.
Photo by @lafleurdelannee 



“As the floriculture industry embraces the beauty of this coming spring, Danziger invites all to join in its 70th celebration - a global festival of teamwork, innovation, and human spirit. Our success is not just measured in numbers, but in the diversity of people and cultures that we have touched. From every corner of the globe, our [Danziger] family has come together to spread joy and beauty, embodying the transformative power of the floriculture industry."

70 Years of Dedication to Innovation, Research, and Development

Danziger's remarkable journey lies in its commitment and dedication to innovation and research and development (R&D), as well as the breeder's enthusiasm about imagining more flowers.


​Danziger Celebrates 70 Years of Spreading Floral Delight
Bouquet with flowers from Danziger.
Photo by @imaginemoreflowers


Powered by one of the flower industry's largest R&D departments, the company has continuously strived to introduce a wide array of trailblazing flower varieties that have both fascinated and charmed the market's imagination.

Research and innovation, according to the company, have been the driving forces behind its success. Leveraging its extensive research capabilities and state-of-the-art propagation facilities, the company has been able to develop and introduce a stunning assortment of flowers that not only delight customers but also inspire the industry as a whole.


​Danziger Celebrates 70 Years of Spreading Floral Delight
Danziger's Chrysanthemum Pasión™ Pura, a crown jewel of the breeder's 'Cushion Collection'
Photo by @imaginemoreflowers



“Danziger is proud to be at the forefront of the scientific breeding of varieties. We operate one of the industry’s largest R&D departments, with a breeding team numbering over 100 employees, including scientists, professional breeders, and researchers with PhDs, Master's, and Bachelor’s degrees from leading academic institutes. We partner closely with the Faculty of Agriculture at Hebrew University and the world renowned Volcani Center of Agricultural Research.

Complementing our portfolio with respected genetics from other leading breeders, Danziger manages over 600 elite varieties – with superior genetics and traits – under breeders’ rights, and hundreds of the company’s varieties are registered under Plant Breeding Rights (PBR) and Plant Patents all over the world.”


​Danziger Celebrates 70 Years of Spreading Floral Delight
Danziger's founder, Ernest Danziger (center) during his 100th birthday celebrations.


Alongside its commitment to research and innovation, Danziger has, as previously noted, remains resolute in its familial roots. Three generations of the Danziger family have nurtured the company, each contributing its unique expertise and passion to the enterprise. This intergenerational collaboration has enhanced a culture of shared values, mutual respect, and a persistent hunt for superiority.

And as the breeding company celebrates its 70th anniversary, it not only reflects on its past achievements but also looks toward a future that will be packed with endless possibilities. A future in which research and innovation continue to play a leading role in driving the breeding company's floral success.


​Danziger Celebrates 70 Years of Spreading Floral Delight
​Danziger celebrates 70 years of spreading floral delight.


These celebrations are, even more, a way to not only remember the company's rich history but also to reaffirm its inherent commitment to sustainability, social responsibility, and the continued growth and development of the floriculture industry.


All photos, unless otherwise noted, courtesy of Danziger (@imaginemoreflowers).


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