Project of the Week - De Ruiter's IFTEX 2024 Varieties Review and Selection

Your work as a creative on myThursd contributes to shaping flower cultures and influencing the market share of products.

By: MYTHURSD. | 22-05-2024 | 2 min read
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myThursd project of the week

This Week's highlighted myThursd project is an interesting one; more engaging and fulfilling to say the least. De Ruiter is seeking the services of a seasoned florist, who will be available to visit their booth during the 2024 IFTEX week. This project is intriguing and unique because you will get an opportunity to do impactful work, not only for the advertiser but also for the entire floral chain and florist colleagues.

If you have a great eye for perfect rose varieties, either a new color palette that is missing and always wished it was available. Worry not, this is your opportunity to review some of the new varieties that be showcased at the De Ruiter's booth and select those varieties based on your expertise and preferences as a florist.

Your most significant and resourceful collaboration begins here...

De Ruiter's IFTEX 2024 Campaign

Two weeks to go for the anticipated HPP exhibition IFTEX 2024, among the exhibitors is the rose breeder; De Ruiter. Find them at booth B4.12, with a display of color and a diverse range of both standard and spray roses. Showcasing, connecting, and forging valuable relations during the show is not the only goal the breeder has set for the show, but also to foster connections and collaborations with the floristry world.


Project of the week
De Ruiter IFTEX 2024 Campaign


For this project, the advertiser is looking to work with a floral designer who will review rose varieties showcased in their booth. The selected floral designer will be at liberty to choose varieties that look interesting to them and are confident that can fit to be used across the chain and are interesting for florists to work with. To review and pitch on this project, log into myThursd go through the requirements, and proceed to submit your pitch.


project of the week
Clients visiting De Ruiter East Africa during their open house


In addition to your review, you will create content that can be widely shared across all social media platforms to enhance product and brand awareness. Encourage your audience to visit De Ruiter's booth to check those varieties you selected and share their opinions!

Let's Go to IFTEX 2024

With IFTEX 2024 fast approaching, we are excited and also looking forward to robust conversations about the opportunities that exist for you within myThursd. Yes, that's right myThursd at IFTEX, find both Thursd and myThursd at booth F1.14. Even as you plan to visit different exhibitors, including the advertiser with the project of the week, De Ruiter; remember to pass by Thursd's booth.


project of the week
Visit De Ruiter at IFTEX 2024 booth B4.12


See you at the IFTEX soon!


Pictures from @De Ruiter.



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