Mother's Day Flowers: Which Flowers Do you Give to Your Mother?

Try these flowers to show how well you know mom by matching flowers to her personality.

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With so many flowers to choose from, and so many different colors and arrangements, picking the perfect flowers for Mother’s Day can lead to bewilderment. Join this special expedition into the beautiful world of flowers. Learn how flowers affect the recipient, and which ones to get for your - or your customer's - Mother's Day bouquet. Besides flowers, it's also a good idea to give a (flowering) plant for Mother's Day.

Flowers for Mother's Day

According to the Society of American Florists, Mother’s Day is the second busiest holiday for florists, second only to Valentine’s Day. Giving flowers on any occasion is always a welcomed gesture, also on Mother's Day. What makes it even better is when you put some extra thought to see which flowers for Mother's Day best match the recipient. Instead of merely picking a bouquet that you think is the most beautiful, why not pick the one that will make it even more meaningful? Try these six best flowers for mother's day to show how well you know your mother by matching flowers to her personality.

  1. Rose
  2. Tulip
  3. Lily
  4. Orchid
  5. Peony
  6. Carnation

Flowers have long been a symbol of love and appreciation, and the best Mother's Day flowers above are especially popular at this time of the year. The rose is a classic choice, symbolizing love, gratitude, and admiration. Tulips are also a popular choice, representing perfect love and beauty. Lilies, with their elegant and pure white petals, are often used to symbolize a mother's devotion and purity of heart. Orchids, with their exotic beauty and delicate, graceful appearance, represent strength, courage, and beauty. Peonies, with their soft, delicate petals and sweet fragrance, are a symbol of romance and prosperity. Finally, the carnation, with its many colors and long-lasting bloom, represents a mother's enduring love and affection. All of these are popular Mother's Day flowers because they represent the qualities that we most admire and appreciate in our mothers: love, beauty, strength, and devotion. Keep reading and get to know everything about these Mother's Day flowers meaning.


Flowers for Mother's Day
Image by Gustavo Fring on Pexels


Best Mother’s Day Flowers

The list below with Mother's Day flowers is a guide. Just that, a guide and not something in stone. You might find a flower written below that may be the recipient’s favorite but with the opposite personality traits. Or you might discover that the recipient belongs to more than one category. In that case, you can mix and match different flowers, and perhaps add the recipient’s favorite blooms as well.

1. Rose

Of course, a rose is one of the most traditional Mother's Day flowers. Roses symbolize love, gratitude, and admiration. For the woman who likes tailored, clean lines and sophisticated cuts with adornments of the simplest detail. Your mother has a good eye for the classic beauty in all things. She knows and possibly lives with the finer things life has to offer. She’s diplomatic, smart, and elegant. Although big-headed roses will always be popular, spray roses gain territory quickly as well. There are many different varieties of roses to choose from when deciding on your Mother's Day flowers, know that a rose is always a good choice.


Best Mother’s Day Flowers - Roses
Image by @the_elf_florista


2. Tulip

A tulip-loving woman tends to have a positive outlook on life. Tulips represent perfect love and beauty. With a tulip for Mother's Day, she is laid back and easy to please. With the happy personality of the tulip, this flower is one of the happy Mother's Day flowers. Tulips are a typical spring flower with an air of easy-going nature and happiness. They come in different shapes and varieties, single and double-flowered, fringed, and parrot.

There are even black tulips, although this may be only a possibility for your Gothic mom, or when you know she is a fan of Kat von D.


Mother's Day Flowers - Tulips
Image by @arte.en.ciel


3. Lily

If she is seemingly tireless, a joy, and an inspiration to people around her then a bouquet of lilies is a perfect flower gift for Mother's Day. Lilies, with their elegant and pure white petals, are also often used to symbolize a mother's devotion and purity of heart. This is for the optimistic woman, she's hopeful and encourages people to be the same. In the Chinese tradition, lilies symbolize motherhood.

Next to the orientals, Asiatics, and longiflorums, a new species is becoming increasingly popular: the roselily.


Best Flowers for Mother's Day - Lilies
Image by @fdavao


4. Orchid

A flower of choice for a quirky, and trendy woman. These beautiful flowers for Mother's Day, with their exotic beauty and delicate, graceful appearance, represent strength, courage, and beauty. Orchids are for the mother who enjoys bold colors and exciting patterns and is not afraid to try the latest fashion. She loves challenges and uses her imagination to solve them. There are so many orchids to choose from, from the sturdy cymbidium to the lush phalaenopsis and oncidium.



Mother's Day Flowers - Orchids
Image by @greenflowerhk


5. Peony

Mother easily shrugs off setbacks and sees the big picture at all times. Peonies, with their soft, delicate petals and sweet fragrance, are a symbol of romance and prosperity. These unique flowers for Mother's Day are for women who like bold but elegant colors and patterns. This mother is strong yet emphatic and thoughtful, and she has grace-under-pressure mastered. Peonies are back in season right now. In China and Japan, they symbolize honor and prosperity. Peonies stand for beauty, respect, and happy life. Does that sound like your mother? Then go for it!

With many different colors to choose from, there's a lot to know about peonies, but one thing is certain, peonies are one of the most sold flowers during the Mother's Day season.


Mother's Day Flowers - Peonies
Image by @bonie_flowerlab


6. Carnations

Last but not least, the carnation. Carnations for some countries are THE Mother's Day flowers. In the USA and Canada, carnations are the most bought flower on Mother's Day. With its many colors and long-lasting blooms, carnations represent a mother's enduring love and affection.

Carnation is for a woman who is not so bold, sometimes afraid of change but always down-to-earth and dependable. They delight in being of help to others without asking for much in return. Pink carnations symbolize gratitude and respect and are the most popular carnation color for Mother’s Day.


Flowers for Mother's Day - Carnations
Image by @bellassom_studio_vancouver


A Touch of Uniqueness: Personalizing Mother's Day Flowers

Now that you have learned about some of the best flowers for Mother's Day, it's time to add a personal touch to your flower selection. By incorporating unique elements and considering your mother's preferences, you can create a one-of-a-kind bouquet that will truly show your love and appreciation for her.

When choosing flower gifts for Mother's Day, don't forget to take your mother's favorite colors and flower types into account. If she has a favorite flower that hasn't been mentioned in the list above, feel free to include it in the arrangement. Additionally, consider her hobbies, interests, and the memories you share together. For instance, if your mother enjoys gardening, adding a few sprigs of her favorite herbs or greenery to the bouquet can be a thoughtful gesture.

Another way to personalize your Mother's Day flowers is by paying attention to the language of flowers. Each flower has its own symbolic meaning, which can be used to convey a heartfelt message. For example, sunflowers symbolize adoration and loyalty, while daisies represent innocence and purity. By combining flowers with different meanings, you can create a bouquet that tells a story of your love and gratitude for your mother.

Lastly, consider the presentation of the flowers. The way the flowers are arranged and wrapped can make a big difference in the overall impression of the gift. You can opt for a stylish vase, a rustic basket, or a chic bouquet wrap to suit your mother's taste. Adding a personal note or a meaningful quote to the arrangement can also make it even more special.

"Mothers hold their children's hands for a short while, but their hearts forever."

– Unknown

Including a quote like this with your Mother's Day flowers can help express your appreciation and love, making the gift even more meaningful.

Ultimately, the key to choosing the perfect Mother's Day flowers lies in knowing your mother well and putting thought into your selection. By considering her preferences, personality, and the bond you share, you can create a memorable floral gift that she will cherish for years to come.

Still in Doubt About What Flowers to Get for Mother's Day?

After this completely free-of-any-obligation lecture about flowers for Mother's Day, you might still be in doubt. Don't worry, if you just pick the flowers you like yourself there's a big chance that the person most related to you likes them too. Enjoy picking and giving flowers for Mother's Day!


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