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Wedding Flowers

When spring is well on its way and summer is peeping around the corner, the wedding season starts. June and September are the most popular months to marry, followed by May and August. For many, the weather conditions play a big role in choosing a specific month, because it goes without saying most prefer sun over rain on their wedding day. Once the day and venue have been decided upon, the planning for dresses, food, and decorations, including floral arrangements, begins. As a florist, you want to create the perfect wedding floral arrangements to accompany such a special day. And we got you covered! We selected the four most beautiful Decorum flowers that are available during the wedding season while they practically do the work for you in perfecting the floral wedding decorations.

An Essential Part of Any Wedding

Flowers have become an essential part of any wedding; a wedding without flowers is like the sea without water. The flower arrangements may come in different forms, but flowers (and plants) are generally used to decorate venues, table centerpieces, corsages, buttonholes, and cars. Appetite for Summerly Wedding Flowers by Decorum - quote


With its full and round shape, the peony, also known as paeonia, is the perfect ornamental highlight in late spring and early summer. The flower originates from China where it was mainly grown for its roots as it was believed that these had a fever-reducing and styptic effect. Nowadays, the peony is better known for its symbolic meaning: a symbol of love, happiness, and health, making it a great addition to any bouquet.

With more than a thousand varieties, in all different kinds of colors and shapes, this flower is impressive and versatile. For example, there are flowers with a single row of petals, with 'half' double or double flowers and that is merely some shapes. Apart from all the different shapes, the peony is available in a delightful color palette: ranging from soft yellow, romantic white, and bubble-gum pink to dark red. Also, its scent is enchanting and deliciously sweet. Enough reasons to cheer up your bouquet or flower arrangement with a couple of beautiful peonies. One peony fun fact is that this is one of the flowers with the least new introductions in floriculture. Varieties like Dr. Alexander Fleming (since 1950) and Duchesse de Nemours (first breed over 150 years ago!) enjoy enduring popularity. You'd say there's hardly any need for novelties. Both varieties, and more, are grown by Decorum grower Borst Bloembollen. Appetite for Summerly Wedding Flowers by Decorum - Peony


A particularly versatile flower is the lisianthus. The flowers may be cream, white, blue, pink, lilac, purple, or salmon and some flowers even have multi-colored petals. Besides being colorful, the petals of the lisianthus are elegant and graceful. More importantly, the lisianthus has a strong symbolism: the flower represents appreciation, gratitude, and charisma.

Originally from North America, where it grows along the riverbeds of the desert and in prairie regions, the lisianthus’ success really began thanks to Japanese growers who crossed the plant in the 1930s, resulting in today’s lisianthus. And today’s lisianthus is soft and sweet with powerful meaning; that is why these flowers are the perfect bouquet gift for someone extra special. Did you know that you cannot buy any lisianthus at the clocks of Royal FloraHolland? It would be no use to look unless you'd know that they are actually auctioned with their botanical alias 'eustoma'. However, we recommend asking Decorum grower Montana Lisianthus for one of their single- or double-flowered varieties, like one of the many Alissa or Rosita varieties, or the surprisingly cute Botanic Pink. Appetite for Summerly Wedding Flowers by Decorum - Lisianthus


A contemporary, natural image; quickly created with the lilium, commonly knows as the lily. This flower is great for special floral arrangements due to the symbolic significance its carries: the lily represents femininity. In classical Greece and Rome, brides were given a crown of lilies in the hope of a pure and fertile life.

The lily also stands for love. In Victorian times, if you received a scented lily, you could be sure the sender was someone intimate. Even nowadays, lilies often represent virginity at weddings as this flower is a metaphor for purity. Additionally, the lilium represents mortality and serenity. All this symbolism makes the lily an extraordinary flower, especially because the placid and pure radiance of the flowers express emotions. All this symbolism makes the lily an ornamental highlight. One for any occasion, but extra special on a wedding day. Decorum grower Moerman Lilium cultivates a range of cut lily varieties and colors, including Dalian, Tabledance, Tisento, and several varieties of the famous Roselily, like Leona and Anouska. All of these are high-quality lilies featuring very large flowers.

Appetite for Summerly Wedding Flowers by Decorum - Roselily
Roselily Anouska


Due to its longevity, the chrysanthemum is a popular flower amongst florists and is often used in floral arrangements for weddings. In general, the chrysanthemums symbolize happiness, loyalty, honesty, and friendship. But symbolism is different everywhere. In Japan, the chrysanthemum is an imperial flower; it adorns the Emperor’s seal which is used only for the highest honors. And throughout Asia, the chrysanthemum is revered for its prosperity and luck. This flower thus represents many traits celebrated during weddings.

You can choose from many different shapes and colors. Whether you prefer the one-headed big disbudded, or the classic sprays, this flower will brighten up any bouquet and, of course, your wedding day. Match and pick your color from a huge color palette, dye them to get a bigger spectrum or even a rainbow of colors! Anything is possible with one of the sturdiest, most enduring flowers around. Appetite for Summerly Wedding Flowers by Decorum - Chrysanthemum Several Decorum growers are dedicated to producing top-notch chrysanthemums for you. André Knoppert & Zn., Van Dijk Flowers, Arcadia Chrysanten, and Van Wordragen Flowers make you enjoy varieties like the disbudded Anastasia, Rossano, the sprays Baltica, Baltica Yellow, Code Green, and various colors of Kennedy. Appetite for Summerly Wedding Flowers by Decorum - Chrysanthemum

Not Everyone Marries in June...

Naturally, not everyone marries in June or September. Some may prefer autumn or even winter. While not all flowers are available every season, there are still many great options for creating the most beautiful floral arrangements and wedding decorations, including anthurium, asparagus, calla, or even helleborus. So, no matter during which season you decorate weddings, just remember: With Decorum flowers, it only takes this much to create the perfect wedding arrangements and atmosphere when flowers practically do the work for you.



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