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Happy Women's Day De Ruiter Born Free

Roses are the perfect way to celebrate all occasions. And not only roses but all flowers and plants are here to make life more beautiful. It’s scientifically proven that flowers bring a smile to one’s face, they provide a good feeling and make sure you experience immediate stress relief. But here's to women, and why it's important to celebrate them on Women's Day.

Blossoming Beauty - Celebrating Women in the Floral Industry and Life

In our world, flowers stand as symbols of beauty, fragrance, and the ever-renewing cycle of life. Among the many facets contributing to the flourishing floral industry, women play a pivotal role, infusing their passion, creativity, and nurturing touch. As we celebrate Women's Day, it's a fitting occasion to delve into the significance of women in both the floral industry and the broader canvas of life.


Happy Women's Day With Born Free
Rose Born Free


Women play crucial roles in various aspects of the industry, from cultivation and harvesting to marketing and sales. Ensuring fair and equal opportunities for women in these regions not only contributes to their economic well-being but also fosters sustainable development in the communities involved in the floral trade.

Celebrate Women's Day With Born Free 

As we celebrate Women's Day, the Born Free rose becomes a symbol of the freedom and equality that women strive for and rightfully deserve. Its elegant presence in bouquets and arrangements serves as a tribute to the countless achievements, sacrifices, and triumphs of women from all walks of life.

In regions like East Africa and South America, where the floral industry plays a significant role, Born Free stands as a testament to the strength of the women who contribute to the cultivation and nurturing of these beautiful blossoms. It symbolizes not just a flower, but a movement towards empowering women economically and recognizing their vital role in industries that often go unnoticed.

So, let the Born Free Rose take center stage in our celebrations this Women's Day. Let them be a canvas for the stories of remarkable women, and let their fragrance be a reminder of the sweet victories achieved on the journey toward gender equality. May this bloom inspire and uplift, just as women everywhere inspire and uplift the world.


Bouquet With Rose Born Free Women's Day

Happy Women's Day With Bouquet Roses Born Free

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

In recent years, there has been a remarkable surge in women entrepreneurs making their mark in the floral industry. Whether establishing boutique flower shops, sustainable flower farms, or online flower delivery services, these enterprising women are breaking barriers and reshaping the industry landscape. Their passion drives business success and inspires a new generation of women to venture into the world of floristry.


Happy Women's Day Campaign De Ruiter Born Free


Women's Impact on Life Through Flowers

Emotional Wellness and Expression

Scientifically proven to induce positive emotions, flowers play a profound role in emotional wellness. Women, as caregivers and nurturers, often utilize the language of flowers to convey sentiments of love, empathy, and support. From a single-stem rose to a bouquet, the act of gifting flowers becomes a means for women to express emotions that words might find challenging to articulate.

Stress Relief and Mental Well-being

The hectic pace of modern life brings forth stress and anxiety, and here, too, women wield the power of flowers. Studies have demonstrated that the presence of flowers can lead to immediate stress relief and improved mental well-being. As caretakers of households and contributors to workplace environments, women strategically introduce floral elements to create soothing spaces, fostering a sense of calm and tranquility.

The relationship between happiness and receiving flowers is supported by a combination of emotional, and physiological factors. Scientific studies have explored the impact of flowers on mood, revealing insights into the connection between floral stimuli and well-being.
The biophilia hypothesis suggests that humans have an inherent tendency to connect with nature, and flowers, as natural elements, can foster positive feelings and reduce stress. Studies have shown that receiving a pleasant surprise, such as a gift of flowers, can trigger the release of dopamine in the brain, associated with pleasure and reward.



Celebrating Women's Resilience and Strength

Navigating Challenges in the Floral Industry

While women have significantly shaped the floral industry, they have also navigated challenges unique to their journey. From breaking through stereotypes to establishing their authority in a traditionally male-dominated field, women in the floral industry showcase resilience and determination. Their stories of triumph over adversity serve as inspiration, proving that the delicate petals of a flower can withstand storms and still emerge vibrant.

Contribution to Sustainable Practices

In an era where environmental consciousness is paramount, many women in the floral industry also contribute to sustainable practices. From promoting eco-friendly farming methods to advocating for fair trade flowers, these women are instrumental in fostering a greener and more ethical floral landscape. Their commitment to sustainability aligns with the broader narrative of women leading initiatives for a healthier planet.

As we celebrate Women's Day, it is essential to acknowledge and honor the influence of women in the floral industry and life itself. Through creativity, entrepreneurship, emotional expression, and resilience, women have not only shaped the aesthetics of our surroundings but also contributed to the well-being of individuals and the planet. In the soft petals and colorful hues of flowers, we find reflections of the strength, beauty, and grace that women bring to every facet of life.


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