How Details Flowers Software Lets You Take Control of Your Business

This revolutionary tool helps wedding & event planners get organized and streamline their processes.

By: THURSD. | 27-09-2022 | 5 min read
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Details Flowers Software connects the world’s best florists with the finest suppliers around the globe. Details is an all-in-one solution that combines real-time inventory data, streamlined proposal creation, and easy payment collection for wedding and event florists…and helps suppliers forecast demand and build a loyal client base, too.

So, how does this work for you as a florist exactly? How can you take control of your business with this tool?

Take Control With Details

Details Flowers Software is a platform created exclusively to assist florists in booking more events and increasing their revenue. Florists who use Details benefit from a wide range of services, such as e-signatures, recipe design, stem counting, automatic order generation, invoicing, and the ability to express clients' visions through the use of stunning graphics.


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Details Flowers Software helps you to remain on top of the latest trends and grow your floral event business in this always-changing market. With the uncertainties in costs to availability, florists need to be on the top of their game to meet the challenge of offering quotes that win but also make money. Details Flowers Software is a revolutionary tool helping its members navigate the floral world from proposal to payment.


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A New Normal?

Details is like getting an operations manager, marketing guru, and financial officer all rolled into one. Imagine, meeting with a client and being able to create designs based on her Pinterest board. Then, seeing, in real-time, which vendors have her preferred blooms in stock - and who's got the price. With the click of a mouse, you use this information to generate a drop-dead gorgeous proposal (complete with profit margins calculated), send it off, and have an electronic, legally binding contract executed. Then, immediately collect payments and have them deposited electronically to your bank account. This could be your new normal while using Details Flowers Software.


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Corrine Heck

Details Flowers Software is created and designed by Corrine Heck, a prominent floral event designer in Central Florida who has worked in the industry for nearly two decades. After 800 events, Corrine understands the day-to-day operations of running a floral business — and it's from that deep knowledge that Details was handcrafted for florists like her.

Corrine Heck explains:

“Every project could feel streamlined, organized, and professional. After years of struggling with spreadsheets and frustrations with overbuying, I created Details to help other florists avoid unnecessary hours behind their desks. Details takes the stress out of the day-to-day processes making it easy for you to save time, book more events, and make more money.” 

Corrine is proud to be managing an all-female lead team:

"Our team is here to support our customers every step of the way and we mean it. We’re not just some faceless company with call centers and chatbots routed overseas. We’re a tight-knit group of female-led flower fanatics behind every support request and training sesh. You can directly speak with us at any time during business hours — whether someone is looking for help with setup or struggling with a particular quote."


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Details Is There for Everybody

Florists see that they can take on more projects and execute them faster. Florists feel more professional, confident, organized, and - profitable. Whether you are a florist just getting started or a busy established company, Details offers fantastic tools to support businesses of all sizes. With this software, florists are enabled to impress clients. With beautiful proposals, accurate pricing, speedy turnarounds, and accessible payment collection. And, of course, insights into what suppliers have to offer. With prices.


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AIFD 2022 Symposium 'Roots' in Las Vegas

At the 2022 American Institute of Floral Designers Roots Symposium, where Details was the official procurement software for this year’s event, the Details technology seamlessly coordinated this colossal event which had over fifty different floral demonstrations and different stage shows. Before this year, procurement for AIFD was a huge headache. Details provided access to entire product catalogs of world-renowned floral industry suppliers to use in their events. Florists had access to thousands of items from Accent Decor, Jet Fresh Flowers, Smithers-Oasis, Syndicate Sales, Alexandra Farms, and others. In just a few clicks.


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Details Is Coming to Europe

Details Flowers Software is an impressive tool for helping floral wedding planners and event designers. Details also assist their customers by providing top-notch private and group training sessions on using the software. Each week.

Details also sponsor many partner events throughout the US and beyond. Details will be attending the FleurEx Event in London in October 2022.


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Corrine Heck:

"We've been quite successful in the US, I can proudly say we are an established business here. Now is the time to help wedding and event planners in Europe as well. I am confident we can help European florists win more and better projects by delivering the most gorgeous proposals. But also increase their profit margins. And get your life back as a florist - because you can spend all the time you save by using Details with your family, binging your fave show on Netflix, or taking on more business!"

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A 7-Day Free Trial

If it is time to invest in yourself and the future of your company, Details Flowers Software is confident to be the best answer for you. Now you can test  Details for yourself with a 7-Day Free Trial.

Have questions? Schedule a 15 Minute Introductory Call to learn how Details can help service your business. 

One of the most effective approaches to propel yourself to the top of the competition is to invest in technology. Details Flowers Software meets this in every challenge. Check them out!



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