Rock 'n' Roll Designs With Ace Berry and Patience Pickner

Queen's Greatest Hits as a soundtrack of creative endeavors.

By: THURSD. | 20-12-2023 | 5 min read
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Picture this: a group of talented floral designers, including Ace Berry and Patience Pickner, embarking on an adventure to the Netherlands — visiting flower farms — and ending up creating a rock 'n' roll design featuring beautiful roses and gorgeous calla plants in a Belgian setting.

Ace Berry & Patience Pickner

Ace Berry was inducted into the American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD) back in 2015. One year later he opened his own floral shop in Texas: Fulshear Floral Design. He was inducted into Professional Floral Communicators International (PFCI) in 2019 and won 'Texas Designer of the Year' the same year. In 2020, Ace was a finalist in HBOMax Full Bloom Season 1. Now, he's elevating fresh floral crowns and beards into wearable art fit for a Queen (and King).

Patience Pickner AIFD, PFCI, SDCF lives in Chamberlain SD, a picturesque town located on the banks of the beautiful Missouri River. Purchasing a bankrupt flower shop in 1998, she quickly turned it around by specializing in customer service, super fresh flowers, and unique designs....and also by adding lots of wonderful home décor items. The Picket Fence is now a destination boutique in central South Dakota, with more than 4,000 square feet of showroom.

Ace and Patience are both business owners and educators. Both are award-winning designers. They travel the country — and now even the world — with the goal of inspiring other floral artists to be the very best version of themselves through Inspired Design Retreat.


Ace Berry and Patience Pickner design fireplace


Mission: Netherlands

To explore the colorful flower farms around Amsterdam, soak up wisdom from European design masters, and create breathtaking floral installations. It's a journey that's the stuff of florist dreams, and it all came to life during the Inspired Design Floral Retreat. On their journey, these floral artisans had the privilege of working with a new variety of red roses, among other stunning hues, and delicate calla lily plants.

For florists, a visit to flower farms is akin to a pilgrimage. The chance to witness the birthplace of so many blooms they love is an experience that's hard to put into words. Ace Berry, Patience Pickner, and their fellow designers took full advantage of this opportunity while in Holland. As they strolled through the fields, their senses were overwhelmed by the kaleidoscope of colors and the sweet scent of flowers in full bloom. Each petal seemed to whisper secrets of nature's artistry, and it was an inspiring moment for these creative souls.


Ace Berry and Patience Pickner roses and calla design


Learning from European Floral Masters

But the journey wasn't just about the blooms; it was also an educational odyssey. Berry and Pickner, both experts in their own right, were joined by European design masters, and the Boerma Institute. Imagine the wealth of knowledge that was shared! These floral gurus imparted their wisdom, revealing the intricacies of European floral design. From creating balanced arrangements to choosing the perfect color palettes, the designers soaked it all in. It was like attending a masterclass in the heart of floral creativity.


Ace Berry and Patience Pickner design in Bruges


Floral Escapade in a Belgian Airbnb

Now, let's talk about their accommodation, which was no ordinary lodging. The designers stayed at an Airbnb in Briges, Belgium that was a veritable haven for anyone with an appreciation for aesthetics. The game room, in particular, caught their attention. Here is where Rock 'n' Roll unfolded during a floral escapade.

This room was more than just a place to unwind; it was an oasis of inspiration. A beautiful fireplace stood as the room's centerpiece, exuding warmth and charm. Nearby, a vintage record player spun vinyl records that set the perfect mood for their stay. These classic tunes provided a soundtrack to their creative endeavors.

The fireplace became the focal point for their floral installation. But how do you enhance such a lovely setting? The answer was kiwi vine to hold the florals. The designers ingeniously adorned the fireplace with kiwi vine, creating a natural backdrop that seamlessly blended with the room's ambiance.


Ace Berry and Patience Pickner roses and calla  detail
Roses from Mystic Flowers and United Selections, Calla plants by Kapiteyn


Rock 'n' Roll

Now, here's where the magic happened. Instead of going for a single monochromatic look, they decided to embrace diversity and bring nature inside. Groupings of Kenyan Madam Red roses from breeder United Selections, a mix of other colors from Ecuadorian rose grower Mystic Flowers, and cheerful Captain Calla plants from Dutch breeder Kapiteyn were artfully arranged, adding a burst of vibrancy to the room. These colors complemented the room's design and palette, making it feel like a seamless part of the environment.

Adding the vintage Crosley record player that plays Queen's Greatest Hits and here is your rock 'n' roll. It was no coincidence that the creator of floral crowns and beards into wearable art fit for a Queen (and King, of course) picked this particular vinyl record. How appropriate!



The result? A breathtaking floral display that effortlessly blended with the room's aesthetics. It was a testament to the designers' ingenuity and their ability to draw inspiration from their surroundings.

In the end, this floral retreat to Bruges, Belgium, was more than just a trip; it was an immersive experience in the world of flowers and design. Ace Berry AFID, Patience Pickner AFID, and their fellow designers left with their creative cups overflowing, armed with new knowledge and fresh ideas to infuse into their craft.

As florists around the world read about this inspiring journey, they too can take a page from this floral adventure. Whether it's exploring flower farms, learning from masters, or drawing inspiration from unexpected places, the world of floristry is a boundless canvas waiting for you to create your masterpiece. So, what's your next floral escapade going to be?


Ace Berry and Patience Pickner Queen record


Photos by Ace Berry & Patience Pickner.

Check more from Ace Berry, Patience Pickner, and their team on these socials: @inspireddesignfloralretreats, @aceinfullbloom, @patience_aifd, @fashionableflorist, @kensflowershop, @mainstflorist, @piper.gale, and @simplybeautifulfloralco.



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