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Also behind the scenes growing flowers takes creativity

By: THURSD. | 08-07-2021 | 2 min read
Some stories are worth knowing. That means not just because they are interesting, but because it broadens the perspective of each florist and designer. And more, it nurtures the respect for our medium: the botanicals. To grow the most amazing garden roses in the world involves effort and commitment. The starting point of each of these beauties is the Nursery.  A magical area where new varieties are nurtured, tested, and, ultimately, released to large production.
Let's Discover Alexandra Farms - Article on Thursd - Gems Tomas de Bruyne taking the scents of this rose. With the EMC
Core Team at Alexandra Farms

Alexandra Farms Featured in EDGE Fanzine

Also at a nursery, it takes a lot of creativity to grow the most beautiful flowers. EDGE Fanzine talks to Joey Azout. Let's Discover Alexandra Farms - Gems on Thursd

Important People Behind the Scenes at Alexandra Farms

It takes an expert biologist, working year-round with new varieties and growing techniques, to make all that beauty of garden roses become reality. At Alexandra Farms, that key player is Pilar Buitrago, a plant scientist who has been working at the farm since 2011. She is in charge of the ‘introduction of new varieties program’ and works with a young woman called Venilde, who becomes very familiar with the varieties and develops a certain affection for each of them. She’s the one who presents the varieties to the leadership of the company every six or so months for consideration. Let's Discover Alexandra Farms - Article on Thursd 1

The First Alexandra Farms Variety

Each rose actually has a story. For example, Alabaster - the very first AF variety - was found underneath a flower bed at a breeder.
"We were told that it was a Floribunda rose that would probably not be very good as a cut flower. But we love it and that's why we so stubbornly decided to test it out and invest in its potential. It turns out the variety blooms beautifully in the vase, and it’s a very popular variety for us now."
says Joey Azout, President of Alexandra Farms. Let's Discover Alexandra Farms on Thursd


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