An Exclusive Collaboration Unveils a Luxury Floral Jacket

This is what happens when fashion, art, and a set of brilliant minds meet and fuse with roses.

By: THURSD. | 14-02-2024 | 2 min read
Floral Art Roses
Luxury jacket using Rose Juliet

In a collaboration between florist and art designer Yusif Khalilov, photographer Nora Maria, and fashion designer Ra’iesa Kasimbeg, an astounding project has been born with the goal of introducing and combining luxury flowers, visual lenses, and fashion design with a powerful message.

Yusif Khalilov - The Creator of the Unique and Very Artistic Rose Jacket

Yusif Khalilov, a skilled artist whose journey started from Baku, Azerbaijan to Amsterdam, Netherlands, brings forth a vision that exceeds conventional boundaries. With a unique perspective on artistry and an admiration for nature, he has come out as a fruitful artist, making the contemporary stand out while converting him into a surreal artist.


Yusif Khalilov with a rose jacket using Rose Juliet
Yusif Khalilov with a rose jacket using Rose Juliet by David Austin Roses

At the essence of this project lies a jacket unlike any other. Decorated with 700 roses, the jacket symbolizes the high point of luxury and expertise. What sets this creation apart is its richness and the profound statement in advocating for the ethical treatment of animals in fashion. Featured in the design are David Austin's Rose Juliet, the most expensive rose and one of the most luxurious flowers globally, renowned for its beauty and exquisite fragrance with its delicate, cup-shaped blooms and soft blush-peach hues. The outfit is crafted from Calico Fabric, esteemed for its 100 percent cotton composition, carefully unbleached and dried.


Using seven hundred juliet roses for Yusif Khalilovs jacket
Yusif Khalilov at the Museumplein in the heart of Amsterdam.


Transforming the Fashion Industry One Flower at a Time

In an era where the fashion industry grapples with ethical dilemmas, Yusif's floral jacket serves as an example of change, challenging traditional notions of luxury by offering an alternative that celebrates the beauty of nature without harm. By replacing animal skins with flowers, Yusif highlights a message of respect for animals.


Rose Juliet used in a fashion garment

The collaboration between Yusif, Nora, and Ra’iesa represents an intersection of art and social awareness. Through beautiful pictures captured by Nora's lens, the essence of this project is brought to life, combining art, fashion, and ethics.


Jacket made out of peachy roses
Fashionable Yusif strolling through the streets with the luxurious rose jacket

Yusif would like to express his appreciation to everyone who has believed in his talent. Special thanks to Parfum Flower Company for sponsoring the gorgeous Juliet roses, Nora the photographer, and Rae'ssa the fashion designer.


Yusif Khalil with his luxurious rose jacket

As the talented team who made part of this project all enthusiastically look to introducing this project, Yusif, and his collaborators invite you to join them on a journey of discovery and inspiration. Through the power of art, they seek to inspire creative artists.


Detail of Rose Juliet by David Austin


Visit Yusif Khalilov's Instagram account to experience his journey and behind-the-scenes of how his works are made while causing a great impression amongst viewers. For media inquiries, interviews, or further information, please contact: [email protected].


Photos courtesy of Yusif Khalilov.


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