Meet Villa M - The Vertical Garden Building in Paris That Has Caught Everyone’s Attention

This building is slowly but surely becoming a jaw-dropping property.

By: THURSD. | 24-05-2022 | 2 min read
Villa M Vertical Garden Project Paris - on Thursd (1)

Villa M is a new hidden architectural gem in Paris and it's ready to captivate your attention. Keep reading to know more because the best part includes lots and lots of green plants around the majestic building. 

Currently built under an abundant vegetated area on Paris' Left Bank, this building is slowly but surely becoming a jaw-dropping property. Why? Simple! Its mesh-like composition houses a healthcare center, hotel, and restaurant all at once, making it one of the most luxurious, innovative, natural-looking, yet green and environmentally efficient buildings in Paris. 


Villa M in paris - on Thursd.
Picture by Villa M


What To Know About Villa M

Created with the purpose of making it a multifunctional hotel with the main focus on health and well-being, Villa M is an innovative building looking forward to creating new health practices and dynamics. The genius masterminds behind this structure, Pasteur Mutualité Group, have brought together a talented, unique and creative team made up of Philippe Starck, the artistic director, and decorator, the Triptyque agency in charge of the architectural structure, and Coloco, a contemporary landscape studio. 



Villa M Paris Facade- on Thursd
Photo by: Starck

Villa M's Main Features

Airy, minimal, and light-structured shapes are what describe the distinctive building. Villa M serves the purpose as the support of a vertical garden and functions as a giant wire mesh, resounding the Parisian architecture dating back to the early 19th century. 

Most importantly, the construction of this building seeks to serve as a support to the urban biodiversity of the city while meeting the objectives of making Paris a completely green city, evoking spaces filled with nature. 


Villa M Paris Project- on Thursd
Photo by: Triptque Architecture


What Makes This Project Special?

Foliage lovers, this is for you! Vines and green foliage hand down from the balconies, establishing a green, naturistic environment spanning 8,000 square meters. To add even more nature-like traits, dozens of windows give natural lighting protagonism throughout the space.  


Villa M Paris Triptyque- on Thursd
Photo by: Triptyque Architecture

To see more of Triptyque’s unique designs, click here! To go to the Villa M website, click here.





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