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The Perfection of Meijer Roses

By: THURSD. | 24-06-2020 | 2 min read

First Meeting

I met John Meijer for the first time when I worked for the perfume La Vie Est Belle, a fragrance from Lancôme. John provided the Sweet Avalanche+ that was used to print the logo of the perfume. It was a huge success. The roses brought, and still bring, the right atmosphere for every event or occasion. The Perfection of Meijer Roses

Fifty Years

Meijer Roses, one of the Avalanche+ growers, was established in 1970, the year before I was born :-)! So we have to congratulate them on their 50th anniversary. Still going strong, creating the perfect Avalanche+ roses. The Perfection of Meijer Roses

Three Varieties

Meijer Roses is a modern rose growing company specialized in the production of large-flowered Avalanche+ roses. In the Avalanche+ assortment of Meijer, you will find three romantic and top-of-the-market varieties, the all-white Avalanche+, the soft pink Sweet Avalanche+, and the peach-pinkish Pearl Avalanche+. John about his choice for growing Avalanche+: "We started with pink Sweet Avalanche+ and white Sweet Avalanche+ because we personally felt they were very beautiful. Good growth, top quality, and fabulous colors. We introduced Pearl Avalanche+ in 2011; a fantastic rose in soft shades of apricot."

The Perfection of Meijer Roses An Avalanche+ wedding by Blomster Designs Flowers

Four Inspection Rounds

Meijer grows their beauties on 12 hectares. These produce 700,000 stems per week. All the roses are inspected four times by four different people before they are allowed to go and make somebody happy somewhere around the globe. The inspectors make a choice in the fields whether the flowers have matured into the perfect blooming stage. Two times a day they go over all the fields in the greenhouses. For optimal conditions from the grower into the business chain up to the consumer, it is very important that the rose has had sufficient nutrition and is fully up to its important task of creating long-lasting joy and happiness.

The Perfection of Meijer Roses Sunday morning by Dream In A Box

When asked when and how John enjoys his roses most, he replies: "Every day that we grow these fabulous roses is a top moment. I love it when our roses look their best, whether it’s a major event or in someone’s home."

The Perfection of Meijer Roses Flower Power by Wedding Deco Box

Both for the vase life as for the experience and the emotions that come along, it’s with great passion that Meijer Roses puts these flowers into the market! The perfect balance between the durability of the flower and its bloom.

The Perfection of Meijer Roses Fairytale piece by Jeff Leatham

For all wedding- and event designers Avalanche+ is a real blessing. It gives the right volume. The buds are magnificent! And they give a great service to designers: you can choose how open you want your flowers when you indicate this properly and on time. Like the packaging of Meijer Roses' white Avalanche+ says: They are Real Masterpieces!

Story by Regine Motmans EMC



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