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About Rose Pearl Avalanche+®

This stylish rose combines a hint of peach with pink and green so that the petals are reminiscent of iridescent mother-of-pearl. In terms of color, Pearl Avalanche+® tends slightly towards salmon and has a very luxurious, warm look with a touch of vintage chic. Rose Pearl Avalanche+® offers unprecedented quality with a full bud which always opens fully into a magnificent rose. Enjoy long, strong stems with surprisingly few thorns, fresh and soft herbaceous foliage, and an excellent vase life: Avalanche+® roses stay beautiful for up to 14 days. Rose Pearl Avalanche+® represents longing, mystery, and glamour. It is very popular with luxury labels for displays and shows. This beauty is also a popular rose for bridal work and other festive occasions. Pearl Avalanche+® is available year-round.

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