These Are BLOOM's Trends for 2022

Are you looking for the latest trends in floristry and interior design? Then take a look around at these trend topics by BLOOM's presented by master florist Klaus Wagener.

By: THURSD. | 07-02-2022 | 3 min read
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Like you all know, all fairs are canceled once again. It means we don't have the chance to talk among each other, among colleague flower friends. We can't talk about trends, about ideas, about the future... But that doesn't mean our creativity is gone. We can reach each other in a virtual way, and that's what BLOOM's media, marketing, and events do. These are BLOOM's Trends for 2022 Online!

BLOOM's Trends for 2022 Overview

BLOOM's Trend Weeks are lively, versatile, colorful and above all - trendy. Because this time they show you the trend topics for the year 2022, but also new products, trends, social developments, information about plant and cut flower breeding, and much more. All in all, exciting input about the green industry awaits you right here.

None other than master florist Klaus Wagener guides you through the trend weeks. Let yourself be carried away by creative floristry in the most diverse variants, shapes, and colors. Here are the four trends to keep your eyes on in 2022.


1. Calm Refuge - Tranquility of the Refuge

The more the outside world seems to overwhelm us with environmental stress, uncertainty, and the threat of disease, the more we desire a retreat and shelter at home that fills us with comfort and stability, light and softness, and soothes our overwrought senses. We surround ourselves with soft shapes borrowed from nature and allow ourselves to be guided by Scandinavian restraint when we avoid loud colors and design our homes sustainably. The tranquility of the refuge rewards us for this.


This is the trend Calm Refuge.


2. Mystical Forest - Mystic of the Forest

Upcoming generations are calling for a responsible approach to nature, they are demanding a rethink in society. Sustainability is the top priority. Green visions will influence the coming decade in all areas, politically as well as aesthetically. As if in a dream, we wander through a fairytale forest that tells stories of fairies and elves, roots, and old myths. Deep in the heart of the forest, the discovery of an almost mystical flora, we admire the metaphorical uniqueness of plants and things. We collect finds and let ourselves be inspired by the mysticism of the forest.


This is the trend Mystical forest.


3. Rural Energy - The Power of Rurality

Life in conurbations and metropolises is becoming less attractive due to environmental problems. The longing for nature experiences awakens in us the desire to feel the power of rural life. We either head straight out into the country or we till a field plot in the outskirts of the city as part of a social community. We sow and plant everything that is good for us and flora and fauna in the allotment garden, on the balcony, terrace, or window sill and thus integrate nature into our lives. The new country feeling grounds us and gives us strength and hope for a better, more sustainable world.


This is the trend Rural Energy.



4. Freedom of the Senses

Optimism and the prospect of new impressions drive us when we strive for the far. In the post-corona period, this can be the next quarry pond where we enjoy our picnic in the tent or perhaps the long-distance journey far away to dig our feet in the sand - both can make us return happy and motivated in the domestic spheres. We have learned to improvise and to have fun experimenting - both make our lives more colorful and happier and we take that with us into our home, the freedom of the senses makes it possible.


This is the trend Freedom of Senses



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