Valentine's Day - Love, Colors and Garden Roses

All eyes on these gorgeous flowers because these garden roses are way cuter than cupid.

By: THURSD. | 12-02-2024 | 4 min read
Garden roses by Alexandra Farms

Garden roses for Valentine's Day anyone? Alexandra Farms' garden roses are the perfect matchmakers for this special date, playing the role of cupid worldwide. Tune in to this special Valentine's edition where spectacular garden roses take over to make you feel love at first sight (and bloom)!

Garden Roses Celebrate Eternal Love

The origins of Valentine's Day remain vague and open to interpretation. It is believed it started as a romantic reconstruction of the Roman festival of Lupercalia, which celebrated the end of winter and the beginning of spring; it would be a time filled with dance and courtship. It is also associated with a martyred priest by the same name, who's famously believed to have signed his love letters addressed to his jailer's daughter as 'your Valentine'.


Detail of garden roses by Alexandra Farms
Detail of garden roses by Alexandra Farms


As far as legend goes, the reason it became so commonly known and celebrated is still debated. What we do know for sure is that from the 14th century onwards, on a global scale, we've dedicated a whole day to romantic love, filled with heart-shaped presents, flowers, and chocolates as a gesture of appreciation, gratitude, and promise. 

At Alexandra Farms, the team loves to celebrate love, and as long as they can find new ways to show it, there will always be a flower to go with it. For evident reasons, Valentine's Day is a rather special occasion for florists. Although it mainly celebrates the love between partners, it's since been amplified to celebrate friendships and family. The many colors love can have and bring, in its many forms and relations, all are perfectly held within the beauty and diversity of a garden rose. 

A Garden Rose for Every Flower Lover to Make Valentine's Day Even More Special

For this special holiday, they want to highlight various floral design ideas that encapsulate love's vibrance, delicacy, and romance in whichever form you celebrate. It's a V-day edition where garden roses take over and take the main stage, finding the way to your heart.

Traditionally, Valentine's Day is closely tied to red, pink, and white colors. As tradition enthusiasts, this specific arrangement offers a heart-shaped composition using a few Alexandra Farms classics: Rose Wanted, vintage and full Rose Romantic Antike, a unique spray rose called Rose Princess Pinku Spr, and the adequately named and adorable Rose Princess Fairy Kiss Pink Spr. This gorgeous very Valentine-like arrangement is accompanied by red ranunculus, pink lisianthus, scabiosa, and lilies. This elicits prime and passionate love, with a robust color palette and multiple dimensions that enrich the depth of the feeling itself. This fun-loving twist on a floral arrangement makes garden roses stand out, with roses acting as the core symbol of love and affection.


Vday arrangement with Alexandra Farms roses
Valentine's Day romantic Arrangement using Rose Romantic Antike, Rose Wanted, Rose Tess, Rose Princess Fairy Kiss Pink Spr, and Rose Princess Pinku Spr


This next bouquet is a sweeter, tender notion of love, blending the popular and unique Rose Juliet, soft Rose Princess Hitomi, a swirling sprinkle of the previously mentioned Romantic Antike, Princess Fairy Kiss Pink Spr, and our Sky Blue Tweedia for some soft hints of contrast. The fillers used are Matthiola, carnations, and scabiosa. The soft and pink take on this international celebration of love alludes to joy and heartfelt love. Equal parts adoring and friendly, like a desire for closeness. Dreamy and ideal for a Valentine's bridal bouquet or a token of trust to a loved one.


Pink romantic valentines arrangement with garden roses
A divine and charming bouquet for Valentine's using Rose Juliet, Rose Romantic Antike, Rose Princess Hitomi, and Sky Blue Tweedia


As a celebration, Valentine's Day evolves and grows as we find new ways of loving one another. This centerpiece is bold and modern but never shallow in itself or what it conveys. A bright arrangement featuring the sassy and hardy Hettie, the delicate Hybrid Pink Quartz dahlia, and the flashy Rose Princess Aiko put together with lisianthus, orange ranunculus, carnations, eucalyptus and rose apple holds a warm invitation to a party kind of love.


Arrangement featuring garden roses by Alexandra Farms
V-day elegant and colorful arrangement featuring Rose Hettie, Rose Princess Aiko, and Hybrid Pink Quartz dahlias


Lastly, tied up with a red ribbon, this elegant and soft bouquet renders a long-lived, appreciated, and fulfilled love. Featuring the deep and passionate Rose Tess by Alexandra Farms.


Dazzling red Valentines bouquet
A dazzling cherry red V-day bouquet that celebrates love using Rose Tess


How cute are these garden rose combos to celebrate the most romantic day of the year? Top choices for sure!



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