Asocolflores is propelling Colombia's floriculture success.
How Asocolflores Is Powering Colombia’s Floriculture Success Floriculture has become the leading non-traditional agricultural export commodity for the country.
May 22 | 11 min read
Divine Flowers at Keukenhof
"Carnation Is the Flower That Never Bores" Grower Divine Flowers talks about their participation to the Keukenhof, showing that Dianthus is an all-time favorite with consumers.
May 19 | 5 min read
Carnations for Mother's Day
Did You Know the Carnation Is the Official Mother’s Day Flower? "The carnation does not drop its petals, but hugs them to its heart as it dies, and so, too, mothers hug their children to their hearts, their mother love never dying."
May 08 | 6 min read
Birth flowers featured
Birth Month Flowers - What Is Yours? Each month of the year has a beautiful birth flower, expressing a special significance behind each of them.
Mar 01 | 8 min read
Dianthus Barbatus Mix girl smelling - on Thursd
Blow Your Troubles Away and Celebrate Life With Your Long-Lasting Carnations These are the best care tips from Chrysal to enjoy dianthus to the max.
Dec 28 | 6 min read
Selecta Cut Flowers Dianthus square feature on Thursd
Carnations to Remember - The Latest Campaign You Need to Know About Dianthus is stealing everyone's hearts with an infinite array of colors and beautifully-shaped blooms.
Dec 07 | 4 min read
Mediaverdi - Peter v Delft on Thursd
Visiting the Mediaverdi Nursery With the crops they produce, their goal is to grow high-quality, long-lasting flowers with the least possible environmental impact.
Oct 03 | 3 min read
Just Green Balls floral arrangements on Thursd.
Do You Like Green Balls? A Flower Arrangement with just Dianthus green balls, Gomphocarpus balls, or little mos balls makes it a little whimsy.
Jul 06 | 2 min read
Dianthus XOXO florensis Hugs and Kisses -  on Thursd - Featured
Every Month Is Love Month With Dianthus XOXO® These Dianthus flowers love you like XO! If you're looking for the perfect expression of love, you've got it right here.
May 31 | 4 min read

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