Imagination and Inspiration in Leverano

Come to Leverano in Fiore and check out how in the evening, in those typical little alleys, the rays of sunlight and the air make you dream away...

By: NATALLIA SAKALOVA | 28-05-2024 | 2 min read
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Rays of Light in the Authentic Leverano

Leverano in Fiore is one of the most fun and relaxing things to do, at least when you have a passion for flowers and art. And it's coming up again the coming weekend!

Come and enjoy what all floral designers created here. It's challenging to get everything ready in time and to come up with a design that will last in warm temperatures, but it can be rainy, with some thunderstorms and also that is something you have to consider when you come up with your project. Anna Maria Spedicato and Francisco Durante live in this Italian city and saw the possibility of organizing a floral event to involve all Salento growers. Besides that, they asked the help of Ivan Bergh Floral School to have an international competition Arteflorando during Leverano in Fiore. Well, all together I think it's a wonderful place to be and to design. It gives me a very positive energy! 

Imagination in Leverano in Fiore

When we were working on that little street in the beautiful, authentic Leverano, many people asked me: Where do I find my inspiration? Here is the answer.

When imagining my project for Leverano, I was inspired by the place itself, this typical little alley, with the colors of the south: yellow, ochre, beige, these high walls, and the old cobblestones.

The arcade at the end of this street made me imagine the air circulating between the walls and the rays of the sun stretching down the walls to come down and warm the shy vegetation between the slabs.


Design by Natallia Sakalova Imagining the Rays of Light in the Streets of Leverano


Rays of Light

During the day, it is so hot that even time stands still...

The inhabitants hide behind the walls of the houses, waiting for the end of the day. That moment, when you can open the shutters and admire the setting sun. Its rays reflect light, changing color from minute to minute: yellow, orange, pink, purple, burgundy...


Natallia Sakalova Design in Leverano in Fiori

The sun finally no longer burns but settles gently on the surface.
Life begins again.
The songs of birds, the laughter of locals, music, and the scent of flowers fill the streets of Leverano as the sun sets below the horizon.
I had imagined all this by seeing just one photo.
And when I came to Leverano I had the opportunity to climb on the roof of the house, where I was staying.
I had this feeling of 'déjà vu', and I saw this sunset over Leverano.
It was wonderful.

This is the story of my project...

Imagination and Inspiration in Leverano in Fiori by Natallia Sakalova

Streets of the Authentic Leverano With Design of Natallia Sakalova

Natallia Sakalova

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Natallia Sakalova

Here, you will find flowers of course but also arrangements, decoration, tips, and advice for your events. Creator of emotions, Natallia Sakalova accompanies you in your good but also in your painful moments of life, she will find the right tones, the beautiful harmonies, to best convey the emotion you want. Natallia Sakalova has already won numerous flower art competitions such as Fleuramour in Alden Biesen, AllForHome, Decoooh, Le château de Beloeil and its amaryllis, ... Flower delivery everywhere in Belgium.



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