Rebecca Louise Law dried flower art featured on Thursd
Passageway Installations Made With Dried Flowers by Rebecca Louise Law Giving Everyone the Wow Vibes The talented British artist is widely inspired by local flowers, local culture, and people, resulting in lovely works of art.
Floral installation
Spectacular Floral Installations That Will Get the Best Of Your Eyes at First Glance Dive in a world full of captivating and charming flowers in some of the world's most beautiful floral sculptures.
Aug 25 | 3 min read
Floral Installations Transforms Gallery Spaces As a classically trained artist, Law’s inspiration comes from the work of abstract expressionists
Oct 21 | 2 min read
The Queen of Suspended Florals Strikes Again With a Canopy of Flowers An upside-down garden filled with 150,000 Australian native flowers
May 19 | 2 min read
The Iris in a Sculptural and Painterly Fashion feature on Thursd
The Iris in a Sculptural and Painterly Fashion Empirical iris artwork features flowers shifting through the stages of life and decay.
Apr 28 | 2 min read
Spring Garden Installation Features 30,000 Flowers Suspended in Mid-Air A fantastical canopy of color in the atrium of the Bikini Berlin shopping mall
Apr 21 | 2 min read

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