Does a Florist Need a Signature Flower?

A signature flower can make the difference!

By: ALINA NEACSA | 28-06-2020 | 2 min read

I truly believe a florist needs signature flowers. Because we are all so different. We are all unique. A signature flower means that you, as a florist, identifying yourself with that particular flower. This way, people will instantly recognize your personal style.

Yeah… She Does!

Yeah... A florist does need a signature! There are florists who love country flowers. Others love exotic flowers, others… scented ones, some use pampas grass in every composition and the list can go on and on, but I guess you got the idea. Maybe you didn’t realize it until now, maybe you have one flower and it never crossed your mind that it’s your signature flower. It makes sense, right? Take a moment to reflect on it: is there one particular flower that you tend to use almost all the time? I can bet you do, which one is it?


Scented roses - Alina Neacsa - on Thursd


For me, it’s not one signature flower but it's all scented garden roses. I love them, and people now specifically call me to order... Yes, you got it; scented bouquets. The customers know me as that florist who uses scented flowers as a signature. I can tell you that Meilland scented roses are like a statement, once you work with them, you can never stay away from them. Try these: Prince Jardinier, Princess Charlene de Monaco, Belle Rives, Yves Piaget, Jeanne Moreau.


Meilland Scented roses - Alina Neacsa - on Thursd


Is it good to have one of your personal flower brands established? Of course!!! You need to step aside from the competition and be unique. You do not want to copy someone else’s designs, just make your own awesome and own it, baby!!!

Today’s message: Own who you are and be proud of your personal style, ‘cause it will drive you to unlimited possibilities!

Until next time, a big warm hug from Romania!!


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