Mariola Miklaszewska Academy of Floristry Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary

A good way to challenge your students.

By: LENA STRYJSKA | 12-08-2021 | 2 min read
In June 2021 Mariola Miklaszewska Academy of Floristry celebrates its 15th Anniversary. On this occasion, a cyclic floristic competition has been organized. At the beginning of each month, from Feb to June, both months included, there was one stage of the competition, which aims to popularize the culture of flower arrangements, high floristry, activation of florists, and commemoration of the jubilee with them.    

About the Competition of Mariola's Academy

Details of the entire competition were set out in the rules and guidelines for each stage announced at the beginning of each month. All florists have been welcome, regardless of the level of sophistication in the profession. It is important to have a professional passion for flowers, a desire to work and to develop one’s skills, and to be part of the florists’ community.  
Mariola Miklaszewska Academy of Floristry Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary - Article on Thursd (6)
Magda Oleksiak 2nd place


There were some rules of the thumb: work must be done on one’s own, copies of someone else's work would not be evaluated, all florists can take part in the competition, and works were evaluated on the basis of 2-4 photos. Good quality photos were in the participant’s favor.

Certified Judges

Each work was assessed by 5 members of the Jury. The last issue of the Competition featured Klaus Wagener, Germany, and 4 Polish judges: Mariola Miklaszewska, Florint Cert Judge, Masters of Floristry, and national judges: Anna Nizinska, Monika Kudlacz and Piotr Salachna, PhD).    

Special OASIS®BIO Floral Foam as Part of Final Challenge

The final stage of the competition, the June task, has been special, because of the special material, special Patron, and a very special prize. It transfers an extremely important message this time: it is about ECOLOGY. The competition task has been an arrangement in a container, an object, small size, max. 1m x 1m. Florists had to take advantage of the new product: OASIS®BIO Floral Foam, which degrades by 91% in 3 years in landfill conditions. The title of the work has been: NATURALLY It has referred to the Patron and Guest, Mr. Klaus Wagener, and the prize is the latest book by Bernhild and Klaus Wagener entitled Pure Style. The new floral lifestyle. The technique and other materials were free to choose, provided the work was done in accordance with the principles of ecology. Florists were asked to apply the rule: reduction of material. We hope you enjoy looking at their pieces: Have fun, too!   1st place Monika Symonowicz 2nd place Magda Oleksiak 3rd place Tomek Wolny 4th Maja Anna Felińska 5th Ewa Bugaj 6th Elżbieta Jabłońska 7th Justyna Stachowska
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