My Inspirational Floral Design Experience as a BFF With Bredefleur Lilies

Three designs that showcase the unique qualities of these flowers from the renowned lily grower.

By: MARIOS VALLIANOS | 05-06-2024 | 5 min read
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Marios Vallianos’ Uplifting Design Experience With Three Bredefleur Lilies

In the vast expanse of human endeavor, a timeless maxim resonates with the boundless potential within each of us: "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars." These words, attributed to the renowned author and philosopher Les Brown, encapsulate the essence of ambition, resilience, and the unwavering pursuit of dreams.

To "Shoot for the moon" is to embrace audacity, to set one's sights on loftier aspirations beyond the realm of the ordinary. It is to defy the constraints of doubt and fear and to reach for greatness with unwavering determination and conviction.

A Transformative Journey Espoused in Bredefleur Lilies' Designs

In the pursuit of these lofty goals, there may be hurdles to overcome, setbacks to endure, and moments of doubt to confront. Yet, it is precisely in these moments of challenge that the true measure of one's character is revealed.

For even if the initial trajectory veers slightly off course, and the stars seem momentarily out of reach, there is solace in knowing that the journey itself is transformative. Each step taken towards the pursuit of our dreams is a testament to our courage, resilience, and unyielding spirit.

And in the process, we discover that the true essence of success lies not merely in the attainment of a distant goal, but in the growth, learning, and self-discovery that unfold along the way.


Marios Vallianos as Bredefleur Friend
With my Watch Up design with Helichrysum, a.k.a. 'sempre viva' a.k.a. 'everlasting'


Lily Longiflorum Watch Up Supra, Elegant Flowers Aiming for the Moon

In the realm of botanical symbolism, there exists a phrase that echoes this sentiment of resilience and endurance: ‘sempre viva,’ or ‘everlasting.’ This term, often used to describe certain species of plants that exhibit remarkable resilience in the face of adversity, serves as a reminder of the indomitable spirit that resides within each of us.


Marios Vallianos’ Uplifting Design Experience With Three Bredefleur Lilies
Bredefleur's Lily Longiflorum Watch Up Supra


Just as the sempre viva plant persists and thrives amidst the harshest of conditions, so too can we find strength and perseverance in the face of life's challenges.

In the tapestry of human experience, the journey towards our aspirations is marked by moments of triumph and tribulation, of soaring highs and humbling lows. Yet, it is through the unwavering pursuit of our dreams, fueled by the timeless wisdom of "shooting for the moon," that we discover the boundless potential that resides within us all.

And in the end, it is not merely the destination that defines us, but the courage, resilience, and enduring spirit with which we chart our course among the stars.


Marios Vallianos’ Uplifting Design Experience With Three Bredefleur Lilies


Such is the case for my Longiflorum Watch Up design in which the fragrant and graceful lilies from Bredefleur are paired with Helichrysum. The lilies emerge upright from a modish bronze-colored jardinière; soaring skywards as though literally reaching for the moon, with the white blooms finding themselves right at home amid the green of the lily leaves, and the sturdy supportive stems carrying them.

At the foot of these magnificent flowers, the Helichrysum, pure white as well, and true to its nature, resilient even amid tribulations, balances the whole composition, remaining modest and unassuming, and remains visible without dominating the design. The Helichrysum creates a subtle contrast to the taller lilies, and still yet brings an agreeable element to the design, ensuring that harmony is maintained throughout.


Marios Vallianos’ Uplifting Design Experience With Three Bredefleur Lilies
Bredefleur's Lily Longiflorum Watch Up (top) blends with Helichrysum in the design


Lily Brindisi, Elegant Flowers With Soft, Radiant Hues

In this second design, the delicate Lilium Brindisi flowers, are thoughtfully nestled and protected by Ferula communis. Other flowers in this design are Trachelium caeruleum, Limonium Scarlet Diamond, and Festuca polesica.

This arrangement ensures that the sensitive flowers are shielded, allowing their exquisite beauty to be showcased safely and elegantly. The robust structure of the Ferula creates a harmonious contrast, highlighting the lilies' soft, radiant hues while ensuring their fragility is safeguarded.


Lily Brindisi Bouquet Bredefleur by Marios Vallianos
Lily Brindisi


Marios Vallianos’ Uplifting Design Experience With Three Bredefleur Lilies
Bredefleur's Lily Brindisi in the floral design.


Lily Dalian, a Blend of Quality, Unique Shape, and Distinctive Aroma

For my third design, there is the spectacular Lily Dalian from Bredefleur, alongside others including Tillandsia xerographica, Ceropegia woodii, and Stipa pennata. A cocktail of high quality, unique shape, and incomparable aromas, the visualization of the fragrances of the Lilium Dalian can be seen as an artistic interpretation of their aromatic profiles.


Lily Dalian Bouquet Bredefleur by Marios Vallianos
Lily Dalian Bouquet


By translating the delicate and complex scents into visual elements, such as colors, shapes, and patterns, one can capture the essence of their olfactory beauty. Imagine power, pinkish hues representing the light, sweet notes, intertwined with flowing lines and intricate designs that echo the elegance and sophistication of the Lily Dalian fragrances.

This visualization not only enhances our appreciation of their scent but also bridges the sensory experience, making the invisible beauty of these lilies’ aromas visible and tangible.


Marios Vallianos’ Uplifting Design Experience With Three Bredefleur Lilies
Bredefleur's Lily Dalian


My Big White Blooms Bouquet

Lilies possess a unique superiority and magnificent appearance that truly shines when included in a bouquet with other botanicals. Their elegant, large blooms and vibrant colors are accentuated by complementary flowers and greenery, creating a harmonious and visually stunning arrangement. The presence of other botanicals enhances the lilies' natural beauty, allowing their exquisite form and captivating fragrance to stand out even more, transforming any bouquet into a work of art.

Here a harmonious society of special varieties, Watch Up, and Genzano lilies by Bredefleur is hosted by Protea Cynaroides, cotinus, Photinia Red Robin, Pycnosorus globosus, Betula birch, Asparagus setaceus, Thlaspi green bell, Sorghum halepense.


Lily Bouquet Bredefleur by Marios Vallianos
Bouquet with three white lily varieties from Bredefleur



The lilies used in these designs are Lily Longiflorum Watch Up Supra, Lily Brindisi, Lily Dalian, Lily Zambesi, and Lily Genzano.

All photos courtesy of Marios Vallianos.



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Marios Vallianos has many roles in both Greek and international floristry. Besides being an acknowledged floral designer, he also has leadership skills, being the President of the Athens Florist Association and President of the Greek Floral Design Academy.



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