The Beautiful Veronica Smart Series From Florius Flowers Have Allowed Me to Create Floral Magic

Striking tones of blues and lavender steal the show in these arrangements.

By: ELENA ENGELMANN | 25-08-2022 | 4 min read
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Veronica Smart from Florius Flowers header on Thursd

Is it by chance you're also like me? I can't create a design in my head before I speak to my customer, to see exactly what the flower choices will be for him/her. This includes brainstorming which materials, flowers, and designs I can create. In this case, after a thorough creative process, I managed to create ravishing designs using flowers from the Veronica Smart series by Florius Flowers.

My Lovely Flower Customers Were Veronica Smart Blooms by Florius Flowers

Sometimes, I don't have a human customer, meaning that my gorgeous customers become the flowers themselves. I ultimately wait to have a personal meeting with them with the same passion as with my usual customers. I talk to them as if they are alive and can speak and feel...what an amazing sensation!

I Love the Veronica Smart Series from Florius Flowers

The breeder of veronica smart, Florius Flowers has provided me a total of 200 stems of Veronica Smart Fountain, Veronica Smart Diana, and Veronica Smart Navy. As I opened the boxes, the magic started right away. 


Veronica Smart series features beautiful blue colors on Thursd


From the moment I got acquainted by cleaning them, I suddenly got all the inspiration I needed to create the designs. It was as if we'd talked over a cup of coffee or tea and they told me what they love, who their friends are, what hobbies they have, and in what mood they were.


Gorgeous floral design using the Veronica Smart series by Florius Flowers on Thursd


My First Design of an Interior Bouquet Using Veronica Smart Flowers

For the first design of an interior bouquet, I wanted to show Veronica Smart Diana's very thin, slim stems. I used a pointed shape of a hand-tied bouquet to give more space between each flower to create a large volume of 100 thin stems.




I accompanied them with Miscanthus to give more elegance to the proportion and to intensify the noble color of Veronica Smart Diana.


Veronica Smart Diana accompanied with Miscanthus on Thursd


Floral Table Arrangement Using Veronica Smart Diana

For the table arrangement, I used the same flowers but just transformed them into small, medium, and big navy-colored bottles on a round plate. The target was the same: to show the beauty of the whole flower on a long stem. Veronica Smart Diana is at a great distance from the bottles, and as a repetition of the color on a high.


Floral Table Arrangement Using Veronica Smart Diana on Thursd


Buffet Floral Arrangement

Another one of the great designs that came along using veronica smart flowers was the buffet arrangement. It is a module design and can be used in any combination depending on the size of the buffet. Even one module can be used as a vase.

I used fresh polygonum tubes, with different widths and heights banded together. With this, I managed to make thirteen different modules and put them in a three-group distance from each other. The polygonum tubes are great friends with veronica. It's like they were created for each other.

Veronica Smart Varieties Are Smart

All of these Veronica Smart varieties are so smart, that even after they had drunk enough clear water after being transported for several hours, they didn't need a lot of water to stay alive for a long time. Several centimeters of water for every 180 stems in the individual natural tubes are enough.


Close up of Veronica Smart flowers on Thursd


Finally, to get the whole design together, I used the lianas of wild wine with some leaves and inflorescences, whose intensive green color vitalizes the purple color of all the veronica smart varieties by Florius Flowers.

Whimsical Beauty of Veronica Smart Fountain

I could not stop thinking that the beauty of Veronica Smart Fountain was created to be included in bridal bouquets. And of course, I wanted to create bridal designs with their stems, as they are perfect to handle. So, I've done two different bridal designs with the same amount of 25 stems.  


Veronica Smart Fountain by Florius Flowers is perfect for bridal bouquets on Thursd


The first one is on a very decorative wire frame in a violet purple color but with some deep burgundy spots. In the middle, as a focal, I situated a small, not full-opened burgundy dahlia to give this bridal bouquet a "jazz" mood.


Bridal bouquet featuring striking colors using the Veronica Smart Fountain series on Thursd


The second has another mood- calm and organic, very harmonious, and shy. The two varieties of veronica smart by Florius Flowers used here are Veronica Smart Fountain and Veronica Smart Navy. They are incredibly perfect with leaves framed in a flower form. The texture of warm wool makes up for a cozy feeling of harmony inside.


Elena Engelmann holding a colorful Veronica Smart Fountain bridal bouquet on Thursd


Creations Coming From My Heart

All that I've done was created from the bottom of my heart as I felt the beautiful flowers in the first hour we spent together. I hope they got what they talked about, and what they wanted so much. Veronica Smart flowers were my perfect customers.


Bridal bouquet using the Veronica Smart series on Thursd


It was truly an honor, and a great experience to have created such a special connection with these varieties from Florius Flowers.


Veronica Smart banner on Thursd



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Elena Engelmann

I was born in Moscow. and was fond of flowers since my childhood. I remember me sitting in the flower fields out side the city all day long making wrists and bouquets for my relatives and dream to work with flowers for the rest of my life. But when I was 17 my parents said that flowers are not a serious occupation and I that have to choose something that I can earn money with in this complicated world. And I graduated from the economic institute and worked more as fifteen years as chief accountant. But flowers accompanied me all this years. Then I got married and moved to Germany, and decided that now is the time to make The Dream to come true. And in 2016 I passed my first education in Boerma Institute in Aalsmeer, Netherlands and graduated. Since than I've never stopped learning in the floristry. I've taken part in many master classes of different world famous designers, and I have done many online courses. Now I work as a freelancer because my family and I travel a lot. In each of our destinations I always try to get a floristic experience.



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