The Unexpected Foliage Supplier

Colombia finds itself on a fast track in foliage supply

By: SAVANNAH STELWAGEN | 05-12-2019 | 2 min read

Costa Rica vs Colombia

When you think of foliage export from Latin America, Costa Rica is top of mind with most people. They have been foliage export leaders for this region. But competition is around the corner and dangerously so, Colombian foliage export is increasing at a fast pace. Asocolflores, the Association of Colombian Flower Export, has published a report that shows foliage exports of the country were 14% higher last year compared to 2017 and from January to August 2019, foliage export increased with another 15% compared to the same period in 2018.
Photo: Noiva Ansiosa

Production in Colombia

Colombia has two main flower growing regions: Bogota and Medellin. But the foliage is actually perfectly grown in the coffee region at 900 meters altitude. Examples of production there are tropicals, Ruscus Israeli, Eucalyptus Baby Blue, Hypericum Coco Avanti, and Leather Leaf. There’s a trend going on currently to buy land in the coffee region and focus on growing foliage. The quality is excellent and at a competitive price too.
Photo: La Ilusion

Bouquet trend

Does that mean Costa Rican export is doomed? Not really. As demand for foliage is increasing as well there should be market enough for both. There has been a boom in the English style of flower arrangements bouquets which are more loose, varied bouquets. It seems people are looking for things that are different than what they are used to see. That is why we are seeing the boom in pampas grass, dried flowers, different foliages and novelty flowers.
Photo: Noiva Ansiosa

Knowledge is power

There is a tendency to stay away from the more traditional or classic bouquets and instead the desire to see something new and exotic. Add to that the fact that now people can have access to flowers from all over the world year-round because of globalization. Consumers are expecting to have access to things that are different. With so many people traveling and being exposed to different cultures and their vegetations, they are looking to bring some of that into their homes.
Photo: Noiva Ansiosa
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