Phalaenopsis Bellina

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About Phalaenopsis Bellina

The name of this Phalaenopsis Bellina is extracted from the Latin 'bellus' (beautiful) hence its nickname 'The Beautiful Phalaenopsisis'. It grows in parts of Borneo, in the canopy of trees where they receive abundant sunlight, and experience pronounced wet and dry cycles. Phalaenopsis bellina has thick, succulent leaves. They are oval, light to medium green, and sometimes wavy. When mounted, leaves grow so that older, lower leaves are shifted towards the sides while new growth points downwards, in order to expose as much surface area to sunlight. The violet-white flowers bloom for three to four months, and the longevity of each flower is a few weeks. The fragrance in the air is strong when flowers open on several plants. What better way to tell your special someone they are beautiful?!

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