Allium Purple Rain

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About Allium Purple Rain

True Talent Stands Out

Are we actually sure the famous song by Prince wasn't about this flower? We wouldn't be surprised, anyway. In our opinion, Purple Rain belongs among the greatest superstars of all time. An explosion of beauty, energy, and a colorful life force!

Awe-inspiring Loose Umbels of Dark Purple

Purple Rain is a symphony of awe-inspiring loose umbels of dark purple. But it’s not just the color, a rich purple/lilac, that makes this flower stand out. It’s also the unique shape of this striking variety: longer stems with an infinite number of small purple flowers. These star-shaped flowers have slightly longer leaves than most varieties, creating a bouncy, airy effect. The open bloom, with each stem jumping out joyfully. Like a fireworks mid-burst, or a meteor shower on a midsummer night. Purple Rain works well in bouquets or solo in a vase.

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