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How to describe Rose Amnesia’s extraordinary color? Her delicate, muted hue seems to shift from lavender to gray-lilac, suffused with hints of creamy café au lait, and set off with pale green in the outermost petals. Her spiraled petals open partway to a shapely flower head, medium in size. Subtle and sophisticated, this unique beauty was bred in France.

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NIRP International


Research, Breeding, Selection, Marketing

NIRP International S.A. is a worldwide leading company in the field of research, breeding, selection, and marketing of new cut rose and garden rose varieties.


Established in France in the '60s, NIRP has been able, over the years, to conquer a large market share thanks to a tradition made of professionalism and passion. NIRP varieties are highly appreciated on all the markets for their agronomical, aesthetical, and commercial performances. NIRP International is proud to have customers all over the world: Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Oceania.

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