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About Spray Rose Sahara Sensation

Spray Rose Sahara Sensation

A fan favorite, Sahara Sensation spray roses are the ideal warm, sandy, peach color that is highly coveted, especially by high-end floral designers.

Ruffled, Garden-Like Petals

While its color alone is stunning, its shape further elevates this variety. Ruffled, garden-like petals open into a beautiful bud that lasts for days on end, becoming more lovely with each passing day.

Spray Rose Care Tips

  • Use a clean vase
  • Flower food improves the life of your flowers significantly, and prevents the necks from bending
  • Cut a few centimeters off the stem at an angle to open the veins for absorbing water
  • Remove only the foliage at the bottom up to the point where the stem is in the water
  • Refill the water when it gets 'cloudy'
  • Keep the vase away from vegetables and fruits, because the ethylene gas produced by these will damage your flowers
  • Take dying flowers out, so they won't infect the others
  • Keep your flowers away from high temperatures and direct sunlight

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