Born Free Inspired by Banksy

De Ruiter used this image to communicate that flowers sent a positive message of peace and hope.

By: THURSD. | 15-11-2023 | 2 min read
Born Free Inspired by Banksy

Founded more than a century ago, De Ruiter has been a market leader for rose breeding and other ornamental plants for a few decades. Originally a family business it evolved into a visionary organization with a clear-cut corporate structure. De Ruiter is working continuously on breeding improved productive rose varieties and pot plants, which will allow quality assurance, product differentiation, and above all represent beauty.

Creating Flower Business With Born Free®

In line with what De Ruiter stands for, Creating Flower Business®, it is essential to strategize with our stakeholders on future global market trends and introduce market concepts aimed at facilitating the procurement of innovative produce. In our pursuit of continuously creating the right and adequate product for the market, De Ruiter is proud to introduce and promote the standard red rose variety Born Free®.


Rose Born Free Banner at IFTF Banksy Inspires De Ruiter
This banner stands at IFTF Expo Greater Amsterdam, Netherlands in the entrance hall.



Rose Born Free® Conveys a Message

The presentation of this image is foremost aimed at the promotion of the variety Born Free®. A rose is an emotional product and its commercial name and trademark convey a message, with an appearance in the mind of the user. 

Born Free is a nod to the incredible story of Joy and George Adamson, two known wildlife conservationists who lived and worked for decades in Kenya, associated with Elsa the Lioness, Joy wrote Born Free to tell the lion's tale, which was later made into an Academy Award-winning movie.


Banksy Inspires With Love Is in the Air for Born Free


Why Banksy's Graffiti to Promote Rose Born Free®

Banksy is a graffiti street artist who made the mural of a masked man throwing a bunch of flowers, inspired by images of 1960s protests in France. It portrays peace and hope. In times of worldwide military conflicts, a clear message. It is opportune and symbolic in times of trouble and turmoil.


Born Free Inspired by Banksy 

About the Variety Born Free®

The variety is productive (1.6 - 1.8 fl/pl/month), bright red color, no blackening with an average head size of 6cm, an average stem length of 60 -70 cm, and a very good perception in the market. In Ecuador, the actual production area covers approximately 10 hectares, rapidly expanding. It opens well with a vase life of at least 12 days. Great transport behavior, including sea freight.


Rose Born Free from De Ruiter Innovations



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