Prominent White With Pops of Orange and Blue by Mystic Flowers

In this playful design, neutral white roses meet other colorful blooms to create perfection.

By: THURSD. | 29-11-2023 | 3 min read
Floral Trend Color Flowers
Spectrum of colorful flowers

Mystic Flowers from Ecuador always finds a way of enchanting the world through their flowers. The incantation and array of hues in their flower assortments from stunning roses to their summer flowers is what amazes everyone. In this edition, they want to transmit their essence and make you feel inspired through a monochromatic and contrasting trend starring the colors of the Thursd Floral Trend Color Palette of 2024.

Monochromatic and Contrasting Colors Create the Perfect Floral Arrangement

Flowers elevate any bouquet or arrangement. It's just in their nature to do so, because they are nature's greatest gift. For 2024, Thursd has announced its Floral Trend Colors to be Sky Blue and Bright White besides having its own complementary palette of other colors that match the main characters. Just in time for this, Mystic Flowers created a combination that ensembles all tones and colors together, creating a phenomenal floral composition that can easily be placed in any spot at home to enhance indoor spaces even more.


Arrangement with Thursd Floral Trend color palette
The beauty of colorful arrangements with different types of flowers.
This design includes: Rose White O'Hara, Rose Orange Crush, Rose Twilight, Craspedia Paintball Jumbo in Tinted Grey, and Eryngium


Not only does this combination work majestically for indoor spaces but if they are beautifully arranged and placed in a gift vase, you can surprise your loved ones too! So, what flowers and colors are in this floral design and how does it fit the Thursd Palette for the upcoming year? You're about to know all the deets!


Floral design by Mystic Flowers


A Design by Mystic FlowersThat Stands Up and Stands Out

Presented is a white monochrome design with an interesting and colorful twist. The floral design had a white base made up of their varieties Rose White Chocolate, Rose Polar Star, Rose Playa Blanca, Rose Twilight, and Craspedia Paintball Jumbo in Tinted Grey cleverly combined with contrasting colors like the true orange of Rose Orange Crush and their tinted light blue Bubbly Blue rose along with a dose of Eryngium.


Monochromatic and contrasting arrangement
Clearly visible in the monochromatic but contrasting arrangement: Eryngium, Craspedia Paintball in Tinted Grey, Rose Orange Crush, Rose Twilight, Rose Playa Blanca, and Rose White O'Hara


In more detail, Rose White O'Hara takes the main stage in this arrangement, followed by the orange and blue roses. White O’hara is a beloved variety because it counts with a soft green color around the outer edges adding contrast to its creamy, clean white interior, creating delicate but outstanding moments. These two colors allow the white focal moment to appear brighter and more prominent.


White O Hara Rose by Mystic Flowers
The White O'Hara rose was a prominent piece in the arrangement


Colors That Match the Thursd Floral Trend Color 2024 Palette

Starting fresh and new every day is the motto of Thursd's Floral Trend Colors for next year. Thursd has an annual tradition of selecting the Thursd Floral Trend Color of the Year that not only shows the color trend for the coming year in the flower industry but also embodies a particular theme. In previous years these themes were Scorched Earth (2021), with a Golden Yellow trend color, Building Bridges (2022), with the trend color Genuine Pink, and the theme of Passion going with the Passion Red color, the Passion throughout the whole chain of our beloved floral industry (2023).


Eryngium with white and orange toned roses


2024's theme is 'The Sky Is the Limit' with not one, but two trend colors; Sky Blue (#4baeff), and Bright White (#ffffff). Blue and white represent boundless aspirations as you can also observe with this design crafted by magical hands at Mystic Flowers. One thing is for sure: these flower colors and combinations are for sure the perfect match and formula for a spectacular floral design. If you wish to 'Get the Look', here are all the varieties you would need:


Mystic Flowers Get the look


And just like that, voila! You're ready to start 2024 full of great things and positive energies while filling this year with bright colors as seen in this floral piece. To get extra inspired by bright white and sky blue tonalities, make sure to check their Instagram to see their colorful content.


All photos by Mystic Flowers.



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