5 Lush & Luxe Flower Arrangements for Your Next Event

Make your next event unforgettable with these 5 lush and luxe flower arrangements: Chic White, Soothing Pastels, and more

By: THURSD | 15-05-2023 | 6 min read
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Level up your next party with fabulous flowers. Whether your taste is mod, retro, or somewhere in between, we have elegant ideas for every taste! 

Flowers are a key decorating tool. Flowers transform a space, taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary. Between their beauty, scent, and natural charm, flowers instantly create a major mood. Because of this, you want to consider carefully what message you want to convey when selecting your floral arrangements. That said, don’t sweat it. To create a luxurious ambiance, you don’t have to import the whole rainforest. All you need is a clear vision of what you want, and then do a little research to find the best flowers for the job. Concept still a little blurry? Keep reading to learn about five lush and luxe flower arrangements that will elevate your next event, and totally wow your guests. 



Exquisite Orchids 

The height of elegance, orchids are a top pick for anyone looking to create an atmosphere of love, beauty, and unity. Luxurious yet tough, orchids radiate positive energy. 

Delicate and fascinating, precious yet surprisingly easy-going, orchids are considered to be an excellent flower choice in Feng Shui, the art of arranging living space to be in harmony with the natural world.  

Fun fact: Orchids are the largest family of flowers. There are more types of orchids in the world than mammals and birds combined! A few popular orchids include vanda, cymbidium, and phalaenopsis, but with thousands of species to choose from and new hybrids being developed virtually every day, you can definitely find the right one to suit your event.  

As special as orchids are, they are also a practical choice, as cut orchids do not wilt out of water. These flowers are very accommodating, but the one thing they don’t like is cold. Keep them out of the fridge and away from blasting air conditioning vents.  

Potted orchids make gorgeous and amazing parting gifts. They’re also a great start to a zero-waste wedding, so consider having your arrangements do double duty! Orchids are also ideal for Mother’s Day, graduation, a birthday, anniversary, or simply to say ‘Thank You.’ 

Chic White

Nothing says luxury like white flowers. Clean, pristine, and anything but basic, you can never go wrong with alabaster blooms. The color white represents innocence, honesty, and sympathy. White flowers effortlessly instill a sense of serenity.  

You have nearly endless options when it comes to white flowers. Classic choices include roses, peonies, and hyacinths, while baby’s breath adds an ethereal cloud of beauty to any arrangement. White hydrangeas symbolize love, making them supremely romantic. Hydrangeas are also super-easy to dry, creating a lovely and lasting memento of your special day. Big, bold white lilies add drama to any arrangement and smell divine, making them doubly delightful. Fluffy and fun white dahlias symbolize new birth, perfect for a baby shower, baptism, or other big change. Bold, dramatic white larkspur means dedication and an open heart. Yet another fabulous white option is a lavish double peony, or try a single peony for minimalist grace.  

In addition to lilies, you can find many wonderfully scented white flowers that add yet another dimension to your arrangements and the overall atmosphere, including jasmine, lily of the valley, orange blossoms, and nicotiana. 

Soothing Pastels 

If white isn’t right for your event because the space is primarily white or neutral but you still want to convey a calm, elegant aura, consider soft pastel hues. When using pastels, a monochromatic color scheme is particularly refined.  

Blush is an extremely popular pick for bridal flowers, as we’ve seen in the Thursd’s blog piece, Jade Blue for Bridesmaids. Lavender is another top choice this year, providing a double dose of luxe thanks to its heavenly scent. The color lavender can be found in many florals, including iris, hydrangea, lupins, sweet peas, gladiolus, and anemones.  

If you want more contrast, consider analogous colors, which are the colors that sit next to one another on the color wheel, such as pink and peach or lilac and baby blue. Complementary colors (those opposite one another on the color wheel) add more contrast and thus more energy. But rest assured that soft, cozy pastels will never be overwhelming. 

Joyful Color Riot 

If your event calls for high energy, use bold, bright colors and a diverse mix of flowers, unique shapes, and heights to set the tone. Include a mix of cultivated blooms like gerber daisies, tulips, and delphiniums along with rustic choices such as yarrow, eucalyptus, and wild grasses to fill the space with a lively spirit. If the party is to celebrate a birthday, be sure to research the guest of honor’s birth flower so you can include that. 

Even your greens can provide zing. Add an extra dash of the unexpected with glossy green magnolia grandiflora leaves (aka Southern Magnolia) whose copper undersides add a delightful splash of orange. High contrast can also be achieved with texture, such as by combining fluffy ranunculus, cheery, pompom-like dahlias, or sweet-smelling stock with spiky sword ferns, bold blue thistle, otherworldly bells of Ireland, or perhaps a few bold burgundy Japanese maple leaves. Say it loud and say it proud: all are welcome here. 

Sculptural Florals 

Uniquely-shaped florals instantly create an upscale atmosphere. Even something as standard as long-stemmed roses can be woven to stunning effect. Another idea is to use a special vase such as a tulipiere to add wonderfully interesting architecture. Unique arrangements are an easy way to spark conversation as well. And by the way, tulipieres are not limited to filling with tulips. Orchids are exquisite in a tulipiere, as are many other flowers. 

Japanese flower arranging known as ikebana is another option for creating a luxurious yet structured look. Flower choices for ikebana are many and varied. Camellias, orchids, peonies and iris are all popular picks, but you can choose just about any flower that conveys meaning for you or your event. Birds of Paradise are almost an ikebana all on their own! Minimalist yet supremely elegant, ikebana is perfect for anyone who wants to create a posh setting for their party. 

Use a sculptural arrangement to highlight a particular area of your event, or decorate each table with its own unique piece. Floral letters, initials, or words offer yet more opportunities to make your event special. Likewise, props such as a shoe, book, or birdcage incorporated into the floral arrangement will instantly create a personal and memorable scene. 

The best bouquets reflect the guest(s) of honor. Deciding on flowers takes some thought and research, but the results are worth the effort!   

Author’s Bio: 

Sue Seabury is passionate about getting creative in every which way, especially with flowers. She is a regular contributor to The Pearl Source blog. 




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