These Three New Sundaville Reds Are Ideal for Small Pots

A new versatile and future-proof collection of Mandevillas is a perfect fit for any garden, patio, or balcony just about anywhere around the world.

By: THURSD. | 15-01-2024 | 6 min read
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MNP / Suntory’s​ New Sundaville Reds Are Perfect for Small Pots

Twenty years since plant pioneers MNP / Suntory introduced Sundaville® Red - the world’s first truly red Mandevilla - this exquisite plant has continued to evolve, emerging in numerous and varied colors and varieties. With its vibrant flowers, lush foliage, and remarkable resilience, Sundaville® Red is, now, quite the perfect addition to any garden, patio, or balcony just about anywhere around the world.

Created by MNP/Suntory, a renowned breeder specializing in developing new varieties of ornamental plants, the Sundaville® Red continues to, in equal measures, both fascinate and enthrall plant and gardening enthusiasts. Its enviable characteristics present all the ideal qualities that one would want in a plant for their home. In fact, generally, Sundaville is, perhaps, the hottest Mandevilla around.

Introducing MNP / Suntory’s Three New Sundaville Reds

MNP / Suntory has continued to show its flair when it comes to creating new exquisite plants with its constant innovativeness, and a knack for identifying and coming up with just what plant enthusiasts want, and its new Reds collection just proves this.


Lady holding Sundaville Reds pot


This new Red collection is made of three new bright varieties that are very much suitable for small pot production. This is the future trend that MNP / Suntory foresees for the coming years. 

Combining the small production with plant earliness and the popularity of improved red colors - which has been the consumers' favorite ever since - the three new Reds will be the highlight of the 2024 IPM edition, from the plant pioneers from Leimuiderbrug. Even more, beyond the 2024 IPM, the new Reds promise to continue being a hit, as each one of them possesses its own individual qualities perfect for that summery feel.


MNP / Suntory’s​ New Sundaville Reds Ideal for Small Pots
Sundaville® Bordeaux Red


Well, you’d definitely want to know about these three new red varieties, so here you go.

Sundaville® Verona Red 

Sundaville® Verona Red is part of a leading collection that has become famous in Europe as the largest one in the Mandevilla world. It is part of the improved classic varieties and has had its classic features boosted and improved over the years, hence creating a completely new range. The plant is not only extra resistant to hot temperatures and tropical summer but also cold rain and wind.

It adds a velvet touch to the deep red, which beautifully sparks in the sunlight. This special variety fits perfectly in small pots, and its cuttings manage to grow in lower temperatures so it is, definitely, future-proof for production!


MNP / Suntory’s​ New Sundaville Reds Ideal for Small Pots
Sundaville® Verona Red


For its characteristics, this plant is early-flowering and long-lasting. It flowers from March until the first frost, giving one a long time to enjoy its visual spectacle. In essence, It blooms until mid-November without losing its brightness, and the richness in its flowering makes it a special eye-catcher. Also during summer, its intense red color does not fade under the sunlight but remains vibrant and glossy. 

Essentially, if Sundaville® is the most adaptable Mandevilla brand, then this Verona Red variety possesses a plus in that it is really suitable for extra small pots, such as the 9 cm ones, and grows in only 12 weeks. 


MNP / Suntory’s​ New Sundaville Reds Ideal for Small Pots
Sundaville® Verona Red


In addition, the plant is independent and does not require frequent watering. It also does not need any effort from growers and consumers. Moreover, once taken out, the dry flowers soon bloom again. 

Sundaville® Topper Red Yellow Eye

Sundaville® Topper Red Yellow Eye is a new must-have in the Mandevilla collection. It is super rich in flowering and comes with multiple buds on the same stem. This beauty of a plant is a bushy and multicolored Sundaville® and is really interesting for the early spring market. As a matter of fact, this plant is not only early in flowering, but also resistant to hot temperatures. 


MNP / Suntory’s​ New Sundaville Reds Ideal for Small Pots
Sundaville® Topper Red Yellow Eye


While its flowers might seem smaller than those of other varieties, this is made up for by the brightness of its red, which is so powerful. For more of its visual appeal, it has an intense bright red color contrasting with a radiant yellow-gold center. This harmonious combination of red with the luminous yellow heart definitely attracts all red lovers

It is also characterized by rich foliage, and all these qualities combine to make it a versatile plant that is perfect for different settings. What's more, the richness of the flowers makes it a real Topper!


MNP / Suntory’s​ New Sundaville Reds Ideal for Small Pots
MNP / Suntory's Sundaville® Topper Red Yellow Eye


Sundaville® Bordeaux Red

This new variety is the result of years of dedication and hard work to enhance and improve the classic features of the plant. Alongside the Verona Red and the Topper Red Yellow Eye, Sundaville® Bordeaux Red is part of the new collection for 2024 in the world of Sundaville®.

This plant’s flowers are bright and extra-large, and most importantly, the flowers do not fade under hot sunlight, ensuring a perfect plant from early spring to late autumn! The plants start early in flowering; beginning in March until the end of November, and can resist the hottest summer and even plenty of rains.


MNP / Suntory’s​ New Sundaville Reds Ideal for Small Pots
Sundaville® Bordeaux Red in a small pot


Furthermore, it is a friendly variety for growers, requires minimal care, and is suitable for small pots. Just so you know, it already is a favorite among some of MNP / Suntory's propagators!

In addition to these exquisite qualities, Sundaville® Bordeaux Red is bright and glossy with a jagged shape of flowers which are, as earlier indicated, extra-large - actually, they are 9.5 cm large and super attractive!


MNP / Suntory’s​ New Sundaville Reds Ideal for Small Pots
Potted Sundaville® Bordeaux Red


An Adaptable and Future-Proof Collection Perfect for Growers and Consumers

This Sundaville® collection is, without a doubt, adaptable and future-proof. It is an excellent choice for those looking for a low-maintenance yet stunning plant and hence perfectly ideal for either growers or consumers just the same way.

Notably, even when the dry flowers are removed, the plants soon bloom again, inspiring hope and growth. And now, it's all even better as the collection has grown with the inclusion of the range of new classics.


MNP / Suntory’s​ New Sundaville Reds Ideal for Small Pots
Flowers of the Sundaville® Verona Red 


So, go out there and explore the unmatched quality and variety of MNP / Suntory’s Sundaville® Mandevilla collection for it is the widest you'll find. And while at it try out the new and improved Reds which are suitable for small pot production.

Contact MNP / Suntory at [email protected] and remember to visit their booth at IPM Essen 2024; Hall 1 stand no E47.1. You’ll definitely discover all the new varieties - including all the new Reds - that make up the world's most colorful collection! 


Lady holding Sundaville Reds flowers


Photos courtesy of MNP / Suntory.


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