Sarah Willemart and Peach Avalanche+

Six French florists and their designs with Avalanche+ roses

By: THURSD. | 24-06-2020 | 1 min read
Six French florists and Their Designs with Avalanche+ Roses
Mikala Forcellini is the initiator of the series of designs with the amazing Avalanche+ roses in France. Mikala introduces to you:
Sarah Willemart
Here is Sarah Willemart's sublime Glamélia rose composition. Sarah Willemart is a real flower Mary Poppins, she has more than one trick in her bag. Always looking for new materials, new tricks to experiment, Sarah is happy to share what she is learning with florists who ask for her. Feel free to follow this personality which is so nice and sparkling. Sarah Willemart Quote An amazing design with Peach Avalanche+ and Avalanche+. An unprecedented Glamelia rose composition with highlights of the pure white Avalanche+, and the Peach Avalanche+. Sarah Willemart Glamelia - French Florists with Avalanche+ - on Thursd - Profile See how the individual petals are connected? This is some true craftsmanship! See how perfect the petals remain of the Avalanche+ varieties. Sarah for sure makes the (Peach) Avalanche+ shine! Sarah Willemart - French Florists with Avalance+ - on Thursd Glamelia Close Sarah Willemart's inspiration comes from the world of other trades, other cultures, cinema notices a lot of elements in some fantasy films. For Sarah, the manga is a beautiful source of inspiration too. Her website is:
Sarah Willemart - French Florists with Avalanche+ - on Thursd - Profile
Sarah Willemart
In this series of 'Six French florists and their designs with Avalanche+® roses', you can see the designs and stories of the other five French Florists here:


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