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A list of lists with everthing you need to know about flowers and plants

By: THURSD. | 23-12-2020 | 3 min read

On Thursd, you'll find a collection of life-changing floriculture related content. And with that, several lists, "best of's" and summarised designs or ideas. This "listicle" (an article of a list red.) is a list of lists, a list of all the list articles that contain flower and plant inspiration on Thursd. In other words, each of the articles linked here is an index to multiple items in an interesting topic such as Best Plants, Flower Trends, Tips & Tricks, etc.

The Best of All Lists

Why make a list of lists? Well, there are no hidden agendas, you know what you’ll get; it's a "best of" of all the lists ever published on our platform by our industry professionals. To make it extra easy for you, there's a topic cluster for you to easily scan all the items in the list and just read what looks good to you. So let's start summing up!

Tips & Tricks for The Florist

Header -10 YouTube Videos to Watch about Dried Flowers - on thursd - mayesh dried flower design Whether you're looking for a collection of interesting Facebook groups to follow or more detailed information about the worlds' most dedicated sustainable florists. Learn something new from the coolest and most diverse YouTube flower communities or update your knowledge on how to best showcase your designs online.  This list tells you all there is to know about the tips & tricks for the florist profession.

  1. 10 Facebook groups for the florist you don't want to miss
  2. 12 florists from around the world about sustainability
  3. Start Instagram for florists in 10 steps
  4. 25 quotes to inspire florists
  5. Black essentials for florists and homes
  6. Wrapping techniques for florists 
  7. 10 YouTube videos to watch about dried flowers
  8. 5 flower initiatives worth your time 



Plant Design Favorites on Instagram donkey tails The popularity of plants continues to grow. They are not only beautiful and inspiring but also come with a long list of health benefits. Here are a few lists of healthy and "best" indoor plants for you to have in your home. Read up about the trends for plant lovers and make sure not to skip the plant design fave article, it's filled with inspiration for florists.

  1. 8 great Facebook groups for plant lovers
  2. Top 10 of healthy house plants
  3. Plant design favorites on Instagram
  4. 25 best plants for fall
  5. The 20 best indoor plants for summer

Flowers 101

Beautiful Roses That Fit Into Your Scorched Earth Color Palette Heart of Gold roses Holly Chapple A list of flowers in a typical color or a certain theme, seasonal-minded or just thé perfect flower to gift. Here's your short-list of all things flowers.

  1. 10 roses that fit your Scorched Earth color palette 
  2. The 15 best black flowers 
  3. 5 beautiful summer flower designs on Instagram

Festive Flowers

Floral Cakes That Are Too Pretty to Eat Painted Cake Festive flowers, what's not to love? A seasonal- or random celebration without flowers is just your usual get-together. Flowers are a dealbreaker when it comes to Mother's Day or Weddings. Listed here are a few festive flower settings for you to swoon over.

  1. The 17 most beautiful Christmas designs around the world
  2. Floral cakes that are too pretty to eat
  3. 10 of the best flowers and their characteristics for mom
  4. In the clouds with dried flower installations 

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