These Are the Perfect Pink Roses From De Ruiter for Your Pretty Valentine

You can't go wrong with this selection, since the color of Cloud Nine is PINK!

By: THURSD. | 08-02-2023 | 5 min read
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It makes sense to think pink for Valentine's Day. That wonderful feeling of being in love, walking with your head in the clouds must be followed by gifting a pink rose to a loved one. After all, we all know that the color of Cloud Nine is pink, isn't it? These are the nine pretty pink roses from breeder De Ruiter to pick for a perfect Valentine's gift.

Love & Gratitude

The pink rose is the oldest of rose colors. It has been depicted in art longer than any other color. Generally, this is because the color pink in a rose indicates two basic feelings of affinity: love and gratitude. An excellent choice for the people you appreciate most, like your friends and family, or people you look up to. Pink roses can also represent femininity and elegance, which makes them perfect for events like engagement parties, proms, and baby showers for a baby girl.



De Ruiter's Pinks for a Perfect Valentine

Let's see what to look for this year's Valentine. The choice from top breeder De Ruiter Innovations is plenty, from the best growers in Europe, Africa, and South America.

Rose Celeb®

This elegant pink beauty is a real celebrity and deserves to be in the spotlight and on your flower display. The pink color inside Rose Celeb is quite fierce, although it softens towards the edges, giving it a pretty pink blend.



Rose Daydreaming®

Daydreaming is a light pink rose with a tall bloom of up to 5 cm. This makes the flower rather high than wide at first sight. But when it opens up, you will experience a nicely wide romantic pink flower.



Rose Lorraine®

Lorraine has a marvelous color, a soft green tone down into a delicate and elegant soft peach-pink color. Is the perfect choice for special gifting and events like weddings. This pale pink rose conveys grace, gentleness, joy, and happiness.



Rose Opala®

This pink rose is soft and bright all at once.⁠ It's both soft and creamy and bright at the same time with a velvety texture. Rose Opala has a large head size and attractive shape. A beautiful and versatile pink rose.



Rose Wham®

Rose Wham is a true rose for ladies. This pink stunner expresses happiness, gracefulness, and gentleness. All these can be said to be traits of a truly elegant lady. Wham is already famous in floristry for many years.



Rose Sweet Unique®

It’s quite uncommon that specific rose varieties last for many decades. When talking to florists over fifty years old, they can name all kinds of roses they used to work with that have been replaced with other varieties. Most names from back then are gone. The Sweet Unique rose is the outlier, as this variety is in fashion for over two decades now. And still going strong!



Rose Frutteto®

A 'Frutteto' is an orchard in Italian, a lush and romantic place. No wonder especially Italians adore this Rose Frutteto and share their compliments widely on Instagram. Just take a look! It's such a delicately very soft pink rose that it will melt the heart of anyone who gets this for Valentine's Day, or for any other celebration too.

It's a medium-pink bloom that opens generously into a perfect rose. Its blush-pink core, combined with its crisp green outer petals, emits a unique radiance and displays the most subtle curl at the tips when open. Frutteto’s undeniable allure stems from its unassuming beauty and elegance. It is a highly versatile rose that works well with a wide array of tones.



Rose Trivia®

You will love this lovely new Kenya-grown Rose Trivia for its soft pink-to-green petals, giving it a dreamy look. The colors stay, also when the flower opens itself to you.



Rose Pomarosa®

Pomarosa is a pale, powdered-pink rose that is delicate, romantic, and adaptable, making it a variety that is easily fitted into lots of different occasions. This variety has strong stems, a stunning pale pink color, and no scent. But the Pomarosa rose lends itself perfectly to folding or 'flexing' for adding that extra dimension to floral designs. Alina Neacsa shows us the beauty of these flexed roses.



Care and Handling for These Pink Roses

Get Your Hands on These Pinks

All of these roses are bred by De Ruiter and grown at farms in Europe, Africa, and South America. Check De Ruiter for more information on availability.


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