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Simple and Elegant

The rose Pomarosa is the sweetest hint of blush pink that speaks for itself.

The Subtle One

This one is somewhere between a cream and hint of pink. Like a subtle blush at a compliment, rose Pomarosa embodies those mini gestures of delight. While one might overlook it next to some bolder colors, those who find beauty in nuance will adore this one.

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De Ruiter


Creating Flower Business

De Ruiter was founded almost a century ago and has been working continuously on the breeding and improvement of the rose as a product. De Ruiter was originally a family business and has since grown into an organization of international renown in the breeding and propagation of numerous varieties of roses.


De Ruiter has developed breeding programs for cut roses, hip roses, Freiland roses, pot roses, patio roses, garden roses. The key aspects are plant health, productivity, and uniformity, transport properties, colors, cultivation technology, environmental requirements, and longevity.
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