8 Breathtaking Tropical Houses Surrounded by Nature for Your Next Trip

Mark your favorite destination among these spectacular exotic options for your next getaway!

By: THURSD. | 24-01-2024 | 6 min read
Tropical house getaway

Hop on a virtual journey through some of the most beautiful tropical houses in the world. From the pristine beaches of Mexico to the exotic landscapes of Hawaii and Thailand, here's a curated collection of eight of the most exceptional tropical homes that will transport you to a paradise unlike any other.

8 Tropical Houses Surrounded by Nature for Your Bucket List

Enter a world of tropical-inspired decor and architectural marvels that blend seamlessly with nature. These modern homes are designed to capture the essence of tropical living, with open spaces, plenty of natural light, and a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor areas. Ready to catch a glimpse of eight of them? You might want to add them to your travel bucket list because, with those looks, they're guaranteed to be pretty amazing and worth visiting.

1. Rosewood Mayakoba Tropical House in Riviera Maya, Mexico

This dream house offers a serene ambiance with breathtaking views of emerald lagoons near the Caribbean Sea. Whether you desire an adults-only retreat or a memorable tropical-style vacation, this villa provides an unrivaled experience. The house embodies tropical modernism with its sliding glass doors and interior spaces made out of natural materials that blend perfectly with the environmental conditions of the tropics.


Rosewood Mayakoba tropical house in Riviera Maya
Rosewood Mayakoba tropical house in Riviera Maya


2. One&Only Mandarina Tropical Resort in Nayarit, Mexico

Take a closer look at the Mexican-inspired design of One&Only Mandarina located in Nayarit, Mexico, a space that highlights the work of local artisans and creators. Discover the vibrant visual influences of the resort and the rich cultural traditions that bring interior spaces to life, drawing inspiration from the ideas of Studio Rick Joy architects and Marybel Rodriguez, the interior design director at RLH. Designed with elegance, it embraces the natural surroundings, using terracotta, taupe, and an azure color palette in its decor. Enjoy outdoor living on panoramic terraces, al fresco dining areas, and a relaxing infinity pool surrounded by greenery in a natural environment like no other.


One and only Mandarina resort in Nayarit Mexico
One&Only Mandarina Resort in Nayarit Mexico


3. Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica

Breathtakingly beautiful, this secluded hideaway on Costa Rica’s north Pacific coast is a sanctuary for adventure and exploration. Hike and mountain bike through enchanted forests on miles of untrodden trails. Water bike, kayak, swim, scuba, and snorkel with colorful fish. Or venture a little further offshore in search of humpback whales, spinner dolphins, and world-class marlin.


The Enclaves at Nacascolo Bay with ten tropical contemporary oceanfront homes
This specific tropical house located along the Papagayo Peninsula is 'The Enclaves' at Nacascolo Bay with ten tropical contemporary oceanfront homes


The perfect wave and dive site are just 30 minutes offshore inside Santa Rosa National Park, part of the UNESCO World Heritage Area de Conservación Guanacaste — a single, uninterrupted biogeographical block of protected wildlands roughly the size of New York and its suburbs, containing four of five major ecosystems in the tropics and two-thirds of Costa Rica’s entire biodiversity. PS: there are several tropical houses you can visit along the Papagayo Peninsula and they are all breathtakingly beautiful.


Virador Beach Club along the Papagayo Peninsula
Virador Beach Club along the Papagayo Peninsula


4. Casa Flotanta in Santa Teresa, Puerto Rico

Casa Flotanta, one of Benjamin Garcia Saxe Architecture's many unique tropical houses, showcases the pinnacle of sustainable tropical style and architecture. The architects had the idea of designing a home on a very steep slope of land to highlight its water views, so the house appears to float above the hillside, allowing the natural elements to flow beneath. This architectural masterpiece, built with locally sourced materials including reforested teak wood, exemplifies a harmonious fusion of modernity and craftsmanship.


Tropical house Casa Flotanta in Puerto Rico
Tropical house Casa Flotanta in Puerto Rico, surrounded by nature and tropical vibes


5. Amanpuri Tropical House in Phuket, Thailand

Escape to this stunning Amanpuri Eight Bedroom Villa, perched above the azure Andaman Sea. This secluded haven provides spacious accommodations with decor that reflects the Buddhist architectural styles of ancient Ayutthaya. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the outdoors with open-air living and dining rooms and salas, a central swimming pool, and a charming courtyard for gatherings complete with chairs for all of your guests and a stunning view.


Amanpuri Tropical House in Phuket at sunset
Amanpuri Tropical House in Phuket at sunset
Photo: @aman


6. Hokukano Bayhouse in Hawaii, USA

Hokukano Bayhouse is a spectacular Balinese-style, oceanfront estate located at Keauhou Bay, in Kailua-Kona. A luxury home with over 200' of oceanfront pleasure, boasting incredible views and romantic sunsets. The Bayhouse has become the West Hawaii destination, for an exclusive luxury vacation. It's a spectacular tropical house surrounded by the most stunning colors and greenery wherever you place foot.


House of the Breath of Life in Hokukano Bayhouse
Hokukano Bayhouse is the 'House of the Breath of Life'


7. Tropical House by Jaque Studio in Tulum, Mexico

The original approach is based on taking advantage of the qualities offered by the site, since it has a natural spring in the center of the property, with tropical trees with large foliage that benefit from it, and with a very peculiar topography for a region that is usually flat. Resolved in a single level with an "L" shaped design, the house aims to open up to the existing body of water and take advantage of the views of the jungle, with a north orientation. The house is mainly of a narrow section, to uses natural light and cross ventilation in each of its spaces. The tropical environment is the protagonist, where even the bathrooms of each of the four bedrooms are resolved in private open-air patios. It's the perfect tropical house for the ideal getaway!


Tropical House by Jacque Studio
Tropical House by Jacque Studio


8. Jungle Hideaway in Tulum, Mexico

This architect-designed apartment makes an excellent base in Tulum. It's a tropical paradise with all of the modern luxuries and amenities of a hotel, surrounded by lush jungle. The apartment has a private plunge pool, where you can cool off when the Mexican sun begins to shine. There is also a shared swimming pool for you to use when you need to stretch your legs; there is plenty of outdoor space to enjoy here. When you're not cooling off in the water, you'll probably spend most of your time relaxing on the terrace, reading books, drinking cocktails, and making memories. Outdoor lounge areas and alfresco dining blur the distinction between indoor and outdoor living.


Jungle Hideaway in Tulum Mexico
Jungle Hideaway in Tulum Mexico
Photo: @plumguide



Ready to plan your next vacay to one of these spectacular green and tropical places? They're waiting for your visit! You might be interested in knowing about houses that have outdoor showers that also connect you to nature. Make sure to read the article 'Ten Houses With Outdoor Showers to Get in Touch With Nature'.



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