Waxed and Colored Curcuma Are Now Always Available at the Dutch Flower Auctions

Helping your floral designs with even more color and structural possibilities. And perhaps even some glamour?

By: THURSD. | 05-04-2022 | 2 min read
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You probably already know Kurkuma (Curcuma Longa). This is the plant from which the herb Kurkuma is gathered. Growers put work to grow this plant, but also in the flower from this plant. The curcuma cut flower.

Curcuma Cut Flowers

There are many different types of cut flowers available, grower Villa Curcuma from the Netherlands provides already seven different varieties of curcuma cut flowers. Now also waxed and colored curcuma cut flowers are available from them.


Cucuma cut flowers in different colors


Waxed Curcuma Flowers

New in the assortment of this grower, since 2021, is the Waxed Curcuma. And now, starting this April, these Waxed Curcumas are being auctioned at the Dutch flower auctions on a regular base. They are called the Waxz® assortment: Curcumas in every color you can imagine, in a jacket of wax. All Waxed Curcumas are available in lengths of 60 centimeters. The vase life of the Waxed Curcumas is twice as long as normal. And they are protected better against the cold. We understand why!


Waxed Cucuma cut flowers in different colors - on Thursd.


Creating With Glamour

All colors and mixes are available with glitter and snow as well. This helps your creation to have even more glamour. And all pastel colors are available with a pearl finish. This creates a nice sparkle in the flower. There are many more colors available than shown here. Below you find a link to the Villa Curcuma website.


Waxed Cucuma cut flowers in red - on Thursd.


Colored Curcuma

New since 2021 is also their Make-Upz® assortment: Curcuma which is painted in every color you can think of. Think of it as curcuma with a make-up layer. This layer is made from a 95% biodegradable dye. The color is on the outside and doesn't fade, nor does it 'bleed away'. Below are some of the colors, but there are many more colors available. Check the Villa Curcuma website for the whole assortment.


Colored Cucuma cut flowers in different colors - on Thursd.


Share Your Design

The whole Make-Upz® assortment is also available in lengths of 60 centimeters.  We hope to see many designs with these spectacular flowers soon. When you have designs made with the waxed or colored curcuma, please forward your pictures to Thursd via [email protected].




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