IPM Flower exhibition
The World's Best Flower and Plant Fairs and Festivals You Definitely Want to Visit There's so much to do all over the world of flowers and plants. So, prep up for the next exhibition season with this 'to-go-list'.
Floral Events
Jul 17 | 18 min read
Asocolflores is propelling Colombia's floriculture success.
How Asocolflores Is Powering Colombia’s Floriculture Success Floriculture has become the leading non-traditional agricultural export commodity for the country.
Flowers Sustainability
May 22 | 11 min read
United Selections Proflora 2023
Proflora Was a Great Success! United Selections is attending Proflora with its own large booth every time. To show their best varieties and novelties, but also to invite people to their showhouse, at a farm not far from Bogota.
Cut Flowers Roses
Oct 11 | 4 min read
Flowers from Colombia
Colombian Flowers When it comes to the origins of the Colombian flower industry, it's a tale as rich and vibrant as the flowers themselves.
Proflora 30 years
Proflora: 30 Years as a Reference for the World Flower Industry By exhibiting the latest trends and innovations of the flower sector, Proflora is a venue that allows the elite of the international flower market to establish fruitful relationships that favor their business endeavors.
Floral Events
Sep 27 | 4 min read
New Bloom Solutions at Proflora
An Exciting Proflora International Flower Show 2023 Where innovation blossoms with flower industry consultants and The Bloom Show
Floral Events
Sep 27 | 4 min read
Proflora Colombia Is Breaking Records The 30th edition of this flower trade show will be the best ever.
Floral Events
Sep 20 | 2 min read
Hypervend flower vending machine
HyperVend Flower Vending Machines Now Available in Europe and MENA Countries This flower vending machine is revolutionizing the way perishable products are sold and leads the world in omnichannel self-serve vending technology.
Jun 14 | 3 min read
Garden Roses From Alexandra Farms Take Top Three Spots in Proflora Variety Contest Judges rated the health, uniformity, color, and hydration of the flowers, stems, and foliage, tallying the scores to determine which varieties would place in the contest.
Oct 12 | 1 min read

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