The Top 10 Flower Podcasts You Must Follow Listen to advice, insider knowledge, and fun tips on everything floral
Dec 29 | 5 min read
Debra Prinzing from Slow Flowers Stimulating consumers and professionals to make conscious floral purchases
Oct 26 | 1 min read
How Steve Mydelski Switched from the Nursery Industry to Flower Farming And owns one of the largest gardens in the United States
Sep 22 | 1 min read
The Flower Podcast From Scott Shepherd This podcast is perfect for everyone in the flower industry
Sep 02 | 2 min read
Susan McLeary Sustainable Florist Susan and the art of wearable flowers
Jul 21 | 1 min read
Andrea Gagnon: Growing LynnVale Studios A leader in the American Grown Flowers movement, Andrea currently serves as the District 6 board member for American Grown Flowers
Nov 08 | 1 min read
Emily Thompson "Your work needs to change and reflect the seasons"
Oct 15 | 1 min read
Isha Foss Isha (EYE-sha) Foss Events is a floral and event design studio that specializes in custom flowers and decor
Oct 09 | 2 min read
The Flower Podcast Interview with Floral Designer Shane Connolly
Sep 18 | 1 min read
Thursd about Thursd The Flower Podcast introduces Thursd
Sep 15 | 1 min read

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